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Welcome Chinese Car Enthusiast! (Translate to Chinese) is a website dedicated to enthusiasts and owners of China made automobiles (Chery, CBA, Zoyte Motor (), Nanjing, Hafei, Zhongxing, SAIC, Brilliance China etc). We welcome you to search around and view the large amount of information and news that is available to you here.

Make sure you look at our Chinese Car Community where many members talk about anything related to China manufactured cars, 24/7. The message board is the center of China Car Forums with a vast following of members that grows daily. If you like to share and exchange tips/information/ideas about Chinese manufactured cars(Chery, CBA, Hafei, Shuanghan, Dongfeng, FAW etc) related topics, this place is definitely for you!

You don't have to be the owner of a CBA, Chery, Zoyte Motors () , Zhongxing, FAW, Zhonghua, Hafei Motor, SAIC, Shuanghan etc, to join and it doesn't matter if you live in Egypt, Jordan, Singapore, Australia, Israel, Malaysia, USA, Canada, India, Nigeria or South Africa etc. We also welcome lurkers that are curious about Chinese autos (sedans, sport cars, trucks, motorcycles, motorsports) and just like to browse around.

There are many individuals that are optimistic about Chinese manufactured cars (especially Chery,CBA and ) in the global market, and there are many pessimist out there that think Chinese-made vehicles will not even be able to enter global markets successfully. Whatever your viewpoint, we respect it and want to hear it!

If this is your first time at China Car Forums, please be sure to read the profiles of some major Chinese auto manufacturers like Chery and CBA on the manufacturers page. If you are interested in what you see, and we know you will be, please Register for China Car Forums! (it's Free!) and say hi to our large and friendly Chinese Auto community. It's free, it's enlightening, it's informative and most of all, it's fun! We want you to experience what many of members already enjoy on Please come and join us today! Already a Member, then please continue to the forum to log-in..

Also, if you are interested in knowing more about some Chinese Car manufacturers like Chery Auto, CBA, Nanjing, (Zoyte Motor), Hafei, SAIC Automobile etc and their company history,profile,car pictures etc, then check out the following links below. Chery | Brilliance China| Changan| FAW| Hafei Motor| BAW| Nanjing-MG| SAIC| Shuanghuan| Polarsun| Dongfeng| Zhongxing| China Motorcycles| China Trucks| China Buses . For information on other Chinese auto manufacturers like Gonow Auto, Fudi, JAC, Jincheng, Beiqi Foton, ChangFeng Motor etc, you can view the manufacturers page which lists information for all automobile manufacturers in China.

*New* - We have recently added an 'Analysis Reports' section to contain analytical,statistical and comparitive reports on Chinese Cars and the entire China Auto Industry. If you have a report that you would like to be presented on this page then please contact us. (you can check the 'about us' page to get our email contact)

Thanks to all Chinese Car enthusiasts out there for supporting China Car Forums and the China Auto Industry in general. We will continue to comment, discuss, analyze and report on Chinese made cars in local and international markets!

If you have any suggestions, feedback and comments about China Car Forums, please contact us. The best way to contact China Car Forums is by leaving us a comment in the Forums area. If you are a Chinese Car manufacturer and want a presence in our online community, please email us directly.

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Which China Auto Manufacturer do you think will become most successful internationally?
CBA Auto
Chery Automobile
Zoyte Motors
Zhongxing Auto (aka. ZXAuto)
China Brilliance Automotive (Zhonghua Car)
Hafei Motor
Other (Changfeng, Gonow, Dongfeng Motor, Nanjing-MG Rover, Shuanghan Car, Shuanghuan)
Current results
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