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About China Car Forums (CCF) is a Chinese auto manufacturers (including Geely Automobile, Chery, GWM, Zxauto, SAIC, FAW, Gonow, BYD Auto, Hafei Motor, Lifan Auto, Zhonghua Car, Brilliance China Automotive, Nanjing/MG, Changan Auto, Shanghai Maple etc) enthusiast website with a message board that was started by a group of Chinese Auto enthusiasts. Members get to discuss common topics and get to know each other online, but many also meet in person at different times during the year at special events. We are not associated with, or financially supported by any Chinese Automobile Manufacturers. The site is completely free to all non-commercial members. is a website dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of Chinese automobiles from all over the world other than Asia including North America and the Middle East. We invite you to browse around and see all the information that is available to you at this site. Also with it's growing success, we are constantly adding new features, and additions to our forums. We thank all staff, including all of our dedicated members.

We are growing daily into a larger community and if you would like to contribute any articles, pictures or links that are related to China Manufactured Autos, please contact us and we will be happy to post them.

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