Friday, April 07, 2006

Chinese Cars Coming To A Dealership Near You!

The Chinese Cars wont survive in US markets! This is what people have been saying for the past year and continue to say, but are these people really keeping track of Chinese Auto manufacturers. The truth is they are growing fast and making strategic business development decisions to gain international exposure.

Lets begin with Nanjing Automobile. Nanjing Automobile creates its own brand of cars in China as well as joint ventures with bigger carmakers from Japan and US. Recently, they actually bought the highly respected MG Rover brand, which is situated in the UK and actually began a manufacturing plant in China for these cars. Another big player is Chery, which recently produced more than a half-million cars independently. They have dealerships all over the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe and currently are in the process of going to Australia.

However, after knowing these basic facts some critics continue to say the chances of these two or three Chinese carmakers meeting US safety standards is quite slim. Well the answer to this is firstly there are many fast growing Chinese carmakers trying to come to the US, for example Geely Automobile, Lifan, Brilliance China Automotive etc (you can view the whole list at Secondly, many of these companies are new and have recently entered abroad car markets, so it is natural that they need some time to gain capital and work on their home-technologies to meet US standards. But surely you can expect a Chinese car at a dealership near you in the next few years. They are coming!



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