Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chery China Automobile on top for the UAE

As Dubai’s roads continue to become increasingly congested, a number of the emirate’s drivers are leaving behind their 4X4s and opting for a more compact driving option. A market niche for the the Chery QQ, perhaps? The economical mini car is a new offering from the Chinese manufacturer which is ramping up production.
The QQ, distributed by Knowledge Automobiles & Trucks (KAT), offers 800cc and 1100cc engines with alloy wheels as standard. “The QQ is proving especially popular with those living in congested areas, or who have to fight to find a parking space,” said Ali Huang, general manager of KAT.KAT offers free registration, free 24-hour roadside assistance and a free maintenance programme on all purchases of a new QQ.
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