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Brilliance China Automotive

Brilliance China Auto is an automobile manufacturer based in Shenyang, Liaoning in the People's Republic of China. In 2003 BMW and Brilliance signed a deal for the production of sedans in China.

Brilliance China is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in China through its subsidiaries, associated companies and joint ventures in the PRC. The Group's operating segments are divided primarily into the manufacture of (i) minibuses and automotive components, and (ii) sedans. Its commercial vehicle brands include "JinBei" and "Granse" minibuses and its sedan brand includes "Zhonghua". In 2003, the Group also established a joint venture with BMW to produce BMW 3-series and 5-series sedans in China. The Group is also engaged in the manufacture of gasoline engines for use in minibuses, sedans, SUV and light trucks and automotive components, including but not limited to window mouldings, strips, axles, stamped parts, etc. The Group sold 61,618 minibuses and 10,982 "Zhonghua" sedans in 2004, the Group's joint venture with BMW also sold 8,708 BMW sedans in 2004. The Group's strong sales performance has been supported by a substantial network of over 800 minibus distributors, over 100 distributors for "Zhonghua" sedans and over 40 distributors for BMW sedans, as well as over 330 after-sales service centers for minibuses and over 120 for "Zhonghua" sedans and 24 for BMW sedans. Currently, the Group has an annual production capacity of 120,000 minibuses and 100,000 sedans. To further support its goal as the leading automotive manufacturers in the PRC, the Group has established strategic partnerships or working relationships with leading global automotive companies, such as Toyota, BMW AG, Mitsubishi, FEV Motorentechnik Gmbh, Porshe and Italdesign S.p.A., etc. With over 9,100 employees, the Group achieved revenue of RMB 6,542 million for the year ended 31st December, 2004.

Gallery of Various Brilliance China Automotive Models

      brilliance automobile             brilliance 1 automobile            brilliance 2 automobile

      brilliance 3 automobile             brilliance 4 automobile             brilliance 5 automobile






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