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Jerry Anakin 09-28-2009 11:11 PM

SAIC ranks first for 8 months of sales
Click here to see the rest:

Jerry Anakin 10-12-2009 03:53 AM

SAIC's 2009 sales surpass whole of last year
Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group) (SAIC) said sales in September increased 90.7 percent from a year earlier to more than 150,000 units. Sales from January to September have totaled...

KiwiGuy 10-12-2009 11:47 PM

Re: SAIC business news
SAIC shopping for LDV
As I have already posted, SAIC is interested in aquiring another struggling British manufacturer: LDV. For those who don't know, LDV manufactures vans and van bodies on both DAF and Leyland chassis and platforms. They produce anything from deliver vans to police vans and ambulances.

From China Car Times:

LDV a recently bankrupt British van maker may soon be purchased by SAIC according to American automotive reports that have been echoed in the Chinese automotive press.

If SAIC are succesful in their purchasing of LDV, SAIC will gain access to the LDV dealership network. LDV are also in the process of developing an electric Maxus van, however this is still one step from being a fully production ready vehicle.

SAIC have yet to deny the rumours, and were quoted as saying “Previously we dont have any news regarding LDV that we can issue, we also do not want to comment any further on this issue”

Previously LDV was part of the Russian GAZ group, and has around 800 employees. LDV were denied government aid of 40 million pounds, which has lead to the bankruptcy. A Malaysian company are reportedly interested in purchasing LDV, but rumours of a SAIC takeover are persisting.

If SAIC are were to take over LDV, it would be expected that LDV would be moved into the Longbridge factory, which is 8 miles from LDV’s current location.

KiwiGuy 12-07-2009 05:17 PM

Re: SAIC business news
SAIC suspends trading shares admist new restructuring programme and possible aquisition of LDV

From China Car Times:

Shares in Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) were suspended today amid plans which will see a major restructuring program at SAIC.

SAIC shares fell 0.04% to 25.3rmb and trading will start again after the announcement has been made. SAIC currently has joint ventures with China’s biggest car manufacturers GM, and VW.

The Chinese media are currently reporting that the reason for the temporary suspension of trading is due to SAIC wishing to reorganise its own international assets, which is likely to include the addition of British van maker, LDV.

SAIC are also planning to put the MG6 into production in the UK for the EU market towards the end of 2010, and could be ready to issue more shares to garner investment money to further their plans for the factory.

Another possibility that is being widely reported is that SAIC plan to alter their JV agreements, possibly either buying or selling more shares in one of their joint venture partners.

SAIC chairman, Mr. Chen Hong, has previously mentioned his strong interest in taking over LDV, and producing the van range in China whilst having the UK Longbridge factory assemble CKD kits of the vans alongside the soon to be produced MG6.

CCF mod 07-19-2010 02:12 PM

SAIC to launch 14 own-brand models in three years

China's biggest automaker SAIC Motor will launch 14 own-brand models under the brand names Roewe and MG for the period 2011 to 2014, media reported today.

Specifically, there will be a new-generation Roewe 750 and a facelift Roewe 550, while a new A-Class hatchback (code-named AP12) and a new small SUV (code-named AS21) will be planned for MG in 2011. During 2012 to 2013, SAIC will release a facelift Roewe 350, an MG A-Class sedan (code-named AP13) and a Roewe A0-Class sedan (code-named ZP13). By then, all SAIC A-Class platform products will basically be completed as well.

This year, SAIC has already launched the MG6 and Roewe 350 compact sedans. In the second half of this year, the company is expected to launch the MG A0-Class hatchback (code-named ZP11) in the form of the new MG3 while the Roewe brand will get the long-awaited W5 SUV.

"SAIC has actually spread its wings out into different segments and pulls away from the mid-size sedan market that it has so far settled itself into," a relevant person of the company revealed recently.

Moreover, a new Roewe 750 now under development in the company is expected to be launched in mid-2011 and will be based on the Buick Lacrosse platform.

The year 2012 will see minor facelifts to the Roewe 350 and the MG6, while the MG7 will be swapped for a new model. Besides, an A-Class MPV (code-named AM11) as well as a larger Roewe MPV (code-named B11) will be launched in 2012 and in 2013, respectively.

CCF mod 02-06-2011 02:28 PM

Tony Williams-Kenny appointed as Design Director

Owen Ready of Car Design News reports that SAIC Motor UK Technical Centre Limited’s (SMTC UK’s) Design Director, Tony Williams-Kenny has recently been appointed as parent company SAIC Motor Corporation Limited’s (SAIC Motor’s) new Design Director – he replaces Ken Ma who has joined one of China’s other leading OEMs, Chang’an Automobile (Group) Company Limited, as Head of Design.

Williams-Kenny, who has a BA (Hons) in Transport Design and an MA in Automotive Design from Coventry University, worked as a Designer for Mitsubishi Europe Design in Germany before joining MG Rover Group Limited as Design Manager in 2000. However, since moving to SMTC UK, he has worked on the Roewe 550 and, more recently, overseen the design of the MG6, the MG ZERO Concept and the production version of the latter, the MG3.

AROnline believes that SAIC Motor’s appointment of Tony Williams-Kenny may well be the first time that a European Designer has been given such a senior design role at one of the major Chinese OEMs – a role in which he will be responsible for overseeing the development of the next generation of MG and Roewe models including the upcoming MG7/Roewe 750 replacement.
SAIC Motor’s new Design Director, Tony Williams-Kenny (first left), at the SMTC UK opening in 2010

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