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CCF mod 11-05-2008 01:25 PM

Emgrand EC7 and EC7-RV
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A new Geely hatchback has been spotted out by a user of the Auto.Sohu forum, this model is quite similar in design to the Geely FC-3 model which Geely displayed at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year.

What do CCT readers think of this latest model from Geely? It appears that Geely may well use a different brand for these models, perhaps the same way Kia altered their branding for the latest Kia Borrego, in an attempt to move Geely away from the ‘cheap and cheerful’ cars and more towards a higher, more up market brand. This car is clearly a step in the right direction for Geely.
source: China Car Times

FC-3 concept presented at Beijing 2008:

daewoo-chevrolet 11-08-2008 09:07 AM

Re: Future FC-3
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First spy shots of the sedan version, the FC-2:


Originally Posted by Translated article from
2 next year or quarter Geely FC-2 spy as correlation

Geely FC-2 is the second After vision for Geely, Geely models up the layout of a major expansion of another car, with the platform also includes the hatchback model FC-3. 2008 years 4 months of the Beijing International Auto Show, Geely FC-2, FC -3 Appeared at the same time, attracted a wide range of concerns about two new cars to maintain a larger look forward to. In recent days, according to Sohu car spy was revealed that Geely FC-2 to speed up the progress, is pressing ahead with the road test, in order to prepare for the listing in 2009. Copyright: Department of Motor Sohu exclusive articles. Sohu copyright for all motor vehicles. Without permission, shall not be reproduced, or found, is bound to be held.

At the same time, I witnessed the FC-2 in the Geely Automobile Research Institute of Environment and Climate Experiment Module comprehensive testing, it is learned that the laboratory can meet the minus 40 ℃ - 0 60 ℃ on the comprehensive test requirements of the basic domestic climate can be simulated environment. Related information shows that from 2007 on the auspicious start of the FC-2 models developed, then the internal code may be FE-1.

According to the statement Geely, FC-2/FC-3 Geely is in full accordance with the standards for export European and American countries for the purpose of the design and development models in the future, not only in domestic sales, Geely also enter the global car market in Europe and America. According to the vice president of Geely Automobile Research Institute introduced, FC-2 design of the full reference to the European market standards and norms and standards to regulate these FC-2 design, such as FC-2 on the bumper and the hood Solely on the basis of the pedestrian protection standards Europe to design, into the future for Europe and the United States laid the foundation for the market.

FC-2 can be equipped with Geely 4G-N series CVVT gasoline engine and two-4D diesel engine series. Geely FC-2 from the GBC model technology platform, the platform's core engine displacement to 1.8 liters, 2.4 liters to the maximum, minimum to 1.5L, FC-2 has a larger configuration of the power of choice. At the same time, Geely is developing the 2.0 liters and 2.2 liters of diesel engines in the next FC-2 is also the driving force of the election.

FC-2 on the technical parameters have not yet released, it is possible for the 2650 mm wheelbase, the scope of the changes in less than 10 mm long × × width of 4635 mm high × 1789 mm × 1470 mm.

FC-2 is expected to become a box with six Geely subject of the first new car models.

FC-2 will be Jiliningbo production base. To this end, Jiliningbo base will be relocated to the long-term production base in Xiangtan in Hunan Province and put into operation for FC-2 / 3 for a technological transformation. FC-2/FC-3 the degree of automation of the production line will have a new leap forward. Geely FC-2 is expected in February 2009 a new factory in Ningbo base line.

Ningbo FC-2/FC-3 after the completion of the transformation of the production line, marking the auspicious production base, the realization of all the modernization. Panda sea line, the second phase project of Shanghai Maple transformation has been achieved and put into production, road and bridge, Xiangtan, Lanzhou, Jinan and other places in recent years are the new production line, with the Ningbo FC-2/FC-3 transformation project, marking the Geely has achieved full production base modernization.

Geely, according to relevant figures, FC-2 is possible in April 2008 at the Shanghai International Auto Show listing platform with the FC-3 listed in the same period. In my analysis, FC-2 officially off the assembly line, listed in April seems to be too much of a rush, can be realized on schedule listed on the Shanghai auto show should be wait-and-see attitude. However, a quarter of a Geely models look at the arrangements, FC-2 in the 2009 quarter, or 2 of the spectrum there.

According to the Hong Kong-listed Geely Automobile (175.HK) to disclose the information, in 2009 FC-2 will enter the market in the United States and Europe, cost about 100,000 yuan.


FC-2 Concept presented at Beijing 2008:

CCF mod 11-17-2008 04:06 AM


dragin 11-17-2008 09:51 AM

Re: Future FC-2 and FC-3
What about this unfamiliar logo we are seeing here? Has the inverted sky hook logo that was selected recently by contest, been abandoned for this one?
Otherwise this model is real progress for Geely. I even like the interior.

CCF mod 11-17-2008 12:43 PM

Re: Future FC-2 and FC-3
dragin if you remember all their concepts at Beijing show bear that logo. Wasn't one article even mentioning that Geely is preparing new premium brand?

mememe 11-17-2008 08:27 PM

Re: Future FC-2 and FC-3
This brand is just one of the sub brands that Geely is determined to create in the next five years, Geely is trying to re-create itself.

dragin 11-18-2008 08:49 AM

Re: Future FC-2 and FC-3
Yes Martin, I think I did see that article, now that you mention it.

Not having seen much of the contest logo I was beginning to wonder if they had second thoughts about going with it.

Yes Mememe, Geely is really spreading itself thin, with brands, and production locations around China, even rivaling FAW. The industry climate has now changed so drastically, we will just have to see if this is a good strategy or not.

daewoo-chevrolet 11-18-2008 04:19 PM

Re: Future FC-2 and FC-3
Production version of the FC-3 at the Guangzhou Motor Show:

daewoo-chevrolet 11-18-2008 04:21 PM

Re: Future FC-2 and FC-3

Production version of the FC-2 live @ Guangzhou Motor Show

daewoo-chevrolet 11-18-2008 04:22 PM

Re: Future FC-2 and FC-3

More photos of the FC-3:
More photos of the FC-2:

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