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ausrutherford 01-25-2019 06:17 AM

Re: Geely Zhidou (D1, D2, D3)

Originally Posted by dmitra (Post 209483)
Yes, that's correct, plus Southern Binhai New Area of Ninghai County in Ningbo, Zhejiang, that opened in early 2018 (article).

Zhidou's cars have also been made at Geely's Jinan (Shandong) facility.

Looking at the declared amount of investment, the Nanjing factory appears to be a greenfield project.

Does Geely have any ownership of ZD?

dmitra 01-25-2019 12:57 PM

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Originally Posted by ausrutherford (Post 209485)
Does Geely have any ownership of ZD?

Geely Group (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., an investment vehicle wholly owned by Li Shufu, owns 26.44% of Zhidou at present. Companies that make up the automobile manufacturing group we call Geely no longer have any stake in Zhidou. Besides Li Shufu and Xindayang boss Bao Wenguang, there are other industrial and investment houses from Zhejiang and other provinces that own small shares in Zhidou.

Note: "New Ocean" appears as the translation of Xindayang at #1.

jumpjack 03-01-2019 06:21 AM

Re: Geely Zhidou (D1, D2, D3)
Did you know the "secret Italian history" of ZD Dx origin? :-)

From the official page of "GreenGo Moving", the original Italian designer and dealer of ZD microcar, named - Interconnected Car - 0 emission, about Engineer Alfredo Bacci, which together with Engineer Ettore Chimenti created the car:


Ex Direttore Fiat dove ha ricoperto importantissimi incarichi: Presidente ed AD della F.M.B (Brasile), Senior Vice President Reponsabile Worldwide Operations del Gruppo Piaggio - dal 1997 sposta la sua attivitÓ in Cina dove diventa prima Responsabile Presidio Cina di Fiat - Teksid (altro link, in italiano), poi C.E.O della SocieÓ NTAF Co., Ltd. (una JV al 50% fra Teksid e la Nanjing Automotive Company) e Vice Presidente del Consiglio di Amministrazione.


Former Fiat Director, where he held important roles: President and CEO of F.M.B (Brasile), Senior Vice President Reponsabile Worldwide Operations of Gruppo Piaggio - since 1997 moved his activities to Cina, hwere he becomes responsible of "Presidio Cina of Fiat - Teksid", then C.E.O of company NTAF Co., Ltd. (50% JV of Teksid and Nanjing Automotive Company), and Vice President.
Now have a look at Nanjing Automotive Company history:

The production began in November 2001 with the Fiat Palio. It was followed by the Fiat Siena in September 2002 and the Fiat Palio Weekend and Fiat Dobl˛ in June 2003. The production of the Fiat Perla was launched in July 2006. The Perla was the last model launched by Nanjing Fiat. Another model, the Fiat Linea, was developed by Nanjing Fiat in cooperation with Tofaş A.Ş. and the Fiat do Brasil Ltda. The launch was scheduled for November 2006, but it never came because the Nanjing Automobile Group had forced to stop the car production until the end of the year, so the collaboration was officially terminated in order. In October 2006, Fiat had terminated their production in its Chinese facility. Nanjing Fiat was replaced by Roewe, the Chinese successor of the British Rover Group.

Most of Nanjing Fiat's tooling was acquired by Zotye in 2008.[1] Zotye started building the Fiat Multipla as the Zotye Mutiplan in 2009 and an updated version of the Palio/Siena as the Zotye Z200 in 2011.[1]

Now look at official Greengo history:

2006 L'avvio ufficiale della R & S
╚ stato istituito un gruppo di progetto per veicoli elettrici per micro viaggi e percorsi urbani
Stabilita una cooperazione strategica con i partner italiani GREENGO e SCE, ci dedichiamo a esplorare e innovare costantemente le modalitÓ di trasporto per lo sviluppo urbano

2006 Official start of R&D. Created a design group for EV for micro urban travels.
2007 Estabilished partnership with Greengo and SCE, exploring and innovatingf urban mobility.
Now look at Zotye E20, Greengo Icaro and Zhidou ZD D1 (pay attention to front logo):

Nowadays Greengo is no more operating, replaced by Zhidou+Sharengo.

dmitra 10-31-2019 02:56 PM

The Ningbo Intermediate People's Court has put up for auction 100% of the equity and assets of Lanzhou Zhidou Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (the 100% subsidiary of Zhidou Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.). These properties include fixed assets such as land, production equipment, factory buildings as well as the production qualification of Lanzhou Zhidou. The sale is being carried out to meet payment obligations (in default) towards dozens of suppliers and service providers.

The court has set a reserve price of 138 million RMB and expects to net around 197 RMB million from the sale. The most coveted and prized asset is obviously the production license ("LZD") held by Lanzhou Zhidou itself. In recent times, some other car companies have been sold to start-ups at valuations of 650-800 million RMB.

Technically, this court-mandated auction should not affect production of Zhidou vehicles, under Geely's licenses ("JL", "SMA"), at other plants which do not come under the ambit of Lanzhou Zhidou, unless those are beset with financial problems too. Among licensed NEVs, Zhidou has manufactured only the D2S in 2019. Speculation is that the D3 design and rights may have been sold to Changan.

Leo 09-30-2020 09:24 AM

Re: Geely Zhidou (D1, D2, D3)
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Any news on the sale of Lanzhou Zhidou??

In MIIT notice 337 is a vehicle listed by Lanzhou Zhidou Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd., the LZD7004BEV01. It's probably a rebadge of another car, since in some of the photo's the "ZD" logo looks photoshopped onto the vehicle.

Lawrence 10-02-2020 03:26 PM

Re: Geely Zhidou (D1, D2, D3)

Originally Posted by jumpjack (Post 200897)
I hardly found what the history of this vehicle is from Zotye to Geely.
Wouldn't it be better to keep the original Zhidou thread in Zhidou section, closing it and (or leaving it open for owners of old models) pointing it to a new one titled "Geely D2 car" in this section? Else, this thread which narrates history of this vehicle will be found only by people already knowing the history!

I agree. But how can that be done easily?

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