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Rally Red Lancer GTS 02-22-2010 11:46 PM

Re: Saab in China

This is a very nice red, indeed. And that car looks spacious, but not too oblongingly-shaped to include that space.

The 2010 Saab 9-5 is easy on the eyes.

nzsaab 03-05-2010 06:30 AM

Re: Saab in China
2010 9-5 German market news

Just a quick update for Germany:

The 2010 Saab 9-5 Sedan will be availible in Germany in June this year.

Prices out next week.

60 - 70% of German Saab dealers are expected to remain with Saab.

As of now Saab Germany is offering 2010 models, Saab 9-3 Convertible, SportSedan and SportCombi and Saab 9-3x. 9-5 Sedan will be added in June. 9-5 SportCombi will be 2011.

nzsaab 03-08-2010 12:50 AM

Re: Saab in China
Interesting Information for 2010 Saab 9-5 Sedan

Theres some well known international suppliers on that list,

-are ones that come to mind.

This car promisses to be a very good quality car with all these well known suppliers. Lets just hope the final fit and finish will be up to par.

nzsaab 03-08-2010 01:01 AM

Re: Saab in China

Saab Cars North America today announced that manufacturer's suggested retail pricing will be reduced for all 2010 model year 9-3 vehicles. These are the first 2010 model year Saab vehicles produced for the U.S. market and closely follow the recent acquisition of Saab Automobile AB by Spyker Cars NV

An exciting line-up of model year 2010 vehicles will arrive during the next few weeks to dealer showrooms across the United States. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for every 2010 model year 9-3 variant has been reduced anywhere from 4 to 12 percent compared to model year 2009.

"This pricing action allows Saab to be in-line with the market and maintains accessibility of Saab's rich Swedish heritage, innovation and responsible performance for our many loyal owners, enthusiasts and potential new customers," said Mike Colleran, President and COO, Saab Cars North America.

Topping the list for 2010 is an all-new 9-3X premium cross-over model. Powered by Saab's 2.0 liter turbocharged engine and available with either a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, the 9-3X offers sporty performance without the typical penalty of high fuel consumption. Add in the standard cross-wheel drive (XWD) with electronic limited slip differential (eLSD) and raised chassis, the 9-3X delivers an all-road driving experience you can take with you no matter where your road leads. The 9-3X starts at $37,800 MSRP.

The 9-3 Sport Sedan is available in two trim levels, 2.0T and Aero, and both can be specified with either front wheel drive or with Saab's Cross-Wheel Drive (XWD) system. Sport Sedan starting prices range from $29,725 MSRP for the 2.0T to $38,940 MSRP for the Aero model. Both cars offer a host of standard equipment with the Aero adding sport-focused features such as 17" alloy wheels, more aggressive front fascia, interior trim with two-tone leather seats, thicker sport steering wheel, a sport tuned chassis, and dual bright exhaust tailpipes. OnStar with Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity is available on 2.0T models and comes standard on the Aero. A Bose six-CD audio system and XM Satellite Radio are also standard Aero content. Memory driver seat and rear park assist are available on Aero models in the optional Premium Package.

The 9-3 SportCombi offers a sedan-like driving experience with the added cargo carrying flexibility so many drivers desire. Standard equipment and available options on the front-wheel drive SportCombi are the same as the 9-3 Sport Sedan. SportCombi starting prices range from $31,155 MSRP for the 2.0T to $37,845 MSRP for the Aero model.

The stylish 9-3 Convertible model prices range from $40,815 MSRP for the 2.0T to $45,905 MSRP for the Aero. The convertible offers a special edition package with leather steering wheel, Xenon headlamps and XM Satellite Radio for $695.

Exciting new colors, including glacier silver metallic and arctic white, are available for all body styles.

"Saab Cars North America is committed to bringing customers options they need to enhance their active lifestyles by providing appealing design, sporty driving attributes, reliability and safety--all at an affordable price," said Colleran.

For more information and a listing of Saab dealerships, please visit the website:

nzsaab 03-08-2010 01:15 AM

Re: Saab in China
Saab and a 9-2 in the pipeline?

TROLLHÄTTAN, Sweden — Saab-Spyker chief Victor Muller says he would like the company to build a what he calls a 92, a compact, premium model drawing inspiration from the original 93, “though not a retro design,” he stresses.

The car would be positioned “somewhere north of the Mini” and would need a technical partner for Saab to be able to bring it to market. For this reason, it is not part of the business plan intended to return Saab to profitability by 2016.

However, Muller and Saab CEO Jan-Ake Jonsson say they have been surprised by the level of interest shown by other manufacturers in selling Saab hardware and technology. Jonsson is also hoping to sell Saab expertise, including its experience with turbos, transmissions and gasoline engines.

Muller also says that the next-generation 9-3 is more than two years into development, “with basic engineering done, with two years in which to add more Saab DNA,” before launch. That will have allowed Spyker to get the fully engineered new 9-5, the 9-4X, the 9-3, and a re-equipped factory “for the price of a wind tunnel.”

Rally Red Lancer GTS 03-08-2010 11:23 PM

Re: Saab in China
When are American prices for the 2010 Saab 9-5 coming out, nzsaab? Did I miss something from the article there?

nzsaab 03-09-2010 01:15 AM

Re: Saab in China
Hi there Rally Red Lancer GTS,

The article above was for the 9-3 Range only, so you havnt missed anything.

Theres no pricing availible for the 2010 9-5, but rest assured, it is coming.

Saab's marketing office is 'hard at work' on promoting Saab's model range and organising price lists for the global markets. It seems to me they are busy with the 9-3 range at this time.

Although not the first market to get the all new 9-5 Sedan, it will go onsale in Germany in June this year (that Im 100% sure on) and last I heard it would be on dealer lots in USA by April but maybe its been pushed back to May. It seems strange that they came out with confirmation for Germany but not USA and other countries that are getting it earlier! Maybe Ive missed a few things. There are alot of bad sources out there that report very old news as current.

So in short, I dont know when the pricing for the US 9-5 will be out but it will be this month or next.

nzsaab 03-09-2010 09:38 PM

Re: Saab in China
Swedish Pricing is out for the 2010 9-5 Sedan!

Swedes can now order their new 9-5 Sedan from their local Saab dealer.

Swedish price: The base model Linear comes in at around USD45,000 or GBP29,000 or EUR32,000 or AUD47,000. Of course, such comparisons are pointless because of various taxes and ridiculously low US prices, but still


It seems the move from production at Russelsheim to Trolhattan has limited the color palette for 2010, with Fjord Blue being the only color available that isn't a type of silver, grey or black. It's my understanding, however, that there is a bit more variety in store for 2011 -There better bloody be! I mean, the options are white, black and 4 tones of grey!!

There appear to be a number of wheels varying from standard 17-inch (18-inch for Aero) through to 19-inch options. There are also a larger number of trim options than I'm used to seeing, including both cloth and leather trim.

Im dissapointed.

nzsaab 03-18-2010 02:21 AM

Re: Saab in China
Saab News

- Saab plans to sell about 16,000 9-5 Sedan's this year globally.

- Karl Lindstroem, an executive from Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ltd., will start March 22 as Saab's interim chief financial officer, Victor Muller said. Saab didn't have a CFO under GM.

Rally Red Lancer GTS 03-19-2010 10:47 PM

Re: Saab in China
nzsaab, it's good to see Saab re-obtain a CFO as part of their corporate identity again with the hiring of Karl Lindstroem as CFO.

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