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nzsaab 05-29-2009 03:15 AM

Re: Saab in China
Attached are direct links to videos from old chinese Saab adverts!

Below is for the second look Saab 9-5:

Saab 9000:

Saab 900:

Saab safety:

nzsaab 05-29-2009 03:16 AM

Re: Saab in China
Heres a link to the Saab Performance Team in China:

nzsaab 05-29-2009 04:02 AM

Re: Saab in China
Heres an American review for the 2007 Saab 9-3

nzsaab 05-29-2009 04:06 AM

Re: Saab in China
Heres an American review of the 2006 Saab 9-3

nzsaab 05-29-2009 04:12 AM

Re: Saab in China
Heres another American review on the Saab 9-3 2008 aero model, its a really good review:

nzsaab 05-29-2009 04:17 AM

Re: Saab in China
A chinese advert for Saab:

A modern chinese advert for Saab 9-5:

KiwiGuy 06-13-2009 08:19 PM

Re: Saab in China
Koenisegg may buy Saab
For all those who don't know who this manufacturer is, Koenigsegg is a Swedish supercar manufacturer which is behind the famed CC, CCX and CCR supercars that acheive record speeds. Koenigsegg is an independent company, not owned by any other foreign company.


General Motors has today announced that Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg is the current front runner to buy out GM’s struggling Saab brand.

Koenigsegg has been interested in Saab for some time. We suspect the reason is to have a mass production facility to build its upcoming electric car under the Saab umbrella, giving the company access to the worldwide market in the near future.

According to reports on Swedish television, Koenigsegg alongside Norwegian investors have recently signed a letter of intent to take over Saab. GM had already given up on Saab in February of this year when it put the Swedish brand into the equivalent of bankruptcy and cut ties that go back two decades.

Currently GM is undergoing a massive restructuring process which means shedding Saab, Hummer and Saturn. The old GM also gave up trying to sell its medium-duty truck business this week and announced its termination.

According to the Financial Times the successful buyer has an interesting contract to deal with. As part of the deal GM will provide US$500 million in assets and cash, plus production equipment for a new Saab model. GM will also leave the US$150 million of cash already in Saab’s account as is.

Koenigsegg will have to put in a similar amount of money (although reports say it could be less) and if it’s successful in turning Saab around it will pay GM back the US$500+150 million.

The electric car Koenigsegg is expected to release next year is called the Quant. A project between Koenigsegg and NLV Solar AG. The car is claimed to manage 500 kilometres on a 20 minute charge, if Koenigsegg can bring even half of that promise to the market with a new Saab model, we will see a lot more Saabs on the road in the near future!

nzsaab 06-14-2009 06:43 AM

Re: Saab in China
Hi there, Im sure you are all now aware that GM has been sucessful in selling it Hummer and Saturn brands and Saab is almost there as KiwiGuy has stated above.

Im sure Koenisegg and Saab will form a fantastic relationship. In the past every owner related ownership of Saab has been a disaster.
The ownership under the name Saab-Scania was very uncomfortable and tense for the entire Saab-Scania group comprising of Saab Automobile AB - Saab Aircraft AB - CombiTec - Enertec and Scania Trucks AB. Scania Trucks AB was reaping huge profits and saw Saab Autombile bleed millions of the groups hard earned SEK each year.

General Motors relationship with Saab has always been a oneway street. GM has always only been interested in Saabs advanced engineering capibilities and knowledge. It is not widely known but at the present time a large percent of the current engines availible in the GM model range are hugely influenced and designed by Saabs engineers. GM has depleated Saab of most of its culture and over the years has given Saab a number of tacky and sometimes shoty products. Also there have been many cockups such as the Saab 9-2x and to a lesser extent the Saab 9-7x, these cars seriously dented Saabs culture and brand appeal, rather than improve it as GM had hoped. GM has more than enything deprived investment in Saab. They did however make a huge attempt in building Saab in 2002 when over a billion was given to Saab to develop the 9-3 (which is still almost identical 8 years later). Saab designed a sedan, convertible, combi, combi xwd and a coupe hatchback. The sedan and the convertible went straight into production, the combi waited 4 years before it was released and the combi xwd waited until late 2009. The coupe hatchback was shelved then dropped. Between 2003 and 2005 GM also has Saab design the 9-2x and the 9-6x with Subaru. Only the 9-2x eventuated. The Oldsmobile based 9-7x went to production and has sold pretty well in North America.

The new ownership relationship between Saab Automobile AB and Koenisegg I believe will be a good one. Koenisegg has an electric car in the pipeline and so does Saab (commonly known as the 9-1 concept). Saab is committed to environmentally sustainable engines and has developed a 100% BioPower engine. It is working on a engine they call BioHybrid Technology whereby the engine runs of electricity and 100% BioEthenol.

As we all know, Saab has a few new models to come out within 4 years. First the 9-3x which was originally conceived in 2002 - 2003 but shelved by GM. Followed by the ALL NEW 9-5 (The current 9-5 is now 12 years old) and then the 9-4x CUV to be built in Mexico.


KiwiGuy 06-15-2009 06:28 AM

Re: Saab in China
I like this idea. It keeps Saab Swedish and it looks like there will be plenty more Saabs coming soon.
BTW, Hummer has sold to a Chinese company and could you please, nzsaab, enlighten me on who purchased Saturn?

nzsaab 06-27-2009 09:33 PM

Re: Saab in China
Hi there KiwiGuy, well hot news is out across the world, actual pictures called CGI's of the 2010 9-5 sedan and 2011 9-5 wagon have have been leaked from Saab and posted on Saabs United, Saab requested Saabs United take the pictures down but it was too late, people had already copied them and pasted them elsewhere so Im going to keep with that trend!

Now they are pretty good, this is what they will look like. I must say Im in love with them. How do you Chinese feel? Will the Chinese market buy it? Its been said by people who have driven these cars in secret that BMW, Merc and Audi really have something to worry about with this new 9-5, they say finally Saab is a competitor!

More news soon.

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