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CCF mod 06-12-2008 10:36 AM

MG News
MG plans to have more car models in two years.

June 12, 2008 - MG is extending its products lineup this year after selling one model for more than half a year. The crossover MG 3SW is to be launched in late June following the rollout of sports TF in late May.

The MG7-series has met with difficulties in market exploration due to single products line, but MG7 gains N0.1 in the MT sector of Guangdong market, taking 26% market share, said Yang Junhu, general manager of MG sales company.

The delivery of new MG models is entering a new period following TF was rolled out in May 26. Four models of 3SW will go on sale in late June and ten more new models will be delivered to the market in the second half of this year, including MT/AT extension version and AT MG7-series, Yang Junhu said.

Apart from mature models from acquiring the MG Rover, Yang Junhu said, MG will roll out a new model in late 2009 and will launch an all-new model in each of the coming three years. All these models will be introduced to China as mature products to ensure the quality, including 7-series, TF and 3-series that are mature products but also locally upgraded.

The 2009 models will have significant changes from current models but will also maintain the essence like their driving performance and power performance.


mg-zs 06-12-2008 01:57 PM

Re: NAC-MG News
Nice articels everythime.
But its time they show the world they CAN build card.
And SELL cars

CCF mod 06-13-2008 05:45 AM

Interview with MGs Yang Jun Hu - from China Car Times.


With the MG-3SW ready to go on the market again (after being delayed several times) and the MGTF pricing already announced, the big news from MG is that they are planning an all new A-class segment car for production in the second half of 2009.

The interview was carried out by News Times, a Chinese publication, and was then translated by China Car Times.

News Times (NT): How has MG developed in the market place since entering the Chinese market?

Mr. Yang (YHJ): Since the MG7 series went onto the market, we have developed a large market, in the manual gearbox market we have become the best selling brand, were number one in that segment with 26% of the sales.

NT: What are MGs plans and scope for product development?

YHJ: After the MG7 series was launched, we continued to work on the MGTF and the MG3SW. The MGTF was launched on the 23rd June, the MG3 SW is going to be launched later this month. MG is now in a development stage. From June 2008 onwards, we will launch 4 different models of the MG3SW, and in the second half of the year, we will launch nearly 10 different models, including a stretched (lengthed) version, manual gearbox, automatic gearbox, and the MG7 automatic versions etc.

NT: MG3 SW situated in the market yet? Would you say the domestic (Chinese) market for crossovers has officially started yet?

YHJ: The MG3SW Crossover possess several factors or elements, these could be described as a seperetion of style, power abilities, control abilities, and suitability. Previously certain crossover vehicles did not sell very well because they did not meet all of the above factors or criteria to become a best seller.

The MG3SW has become known as the car that crosses boundries ( IN系跨界车), the MG3SW has fashionable elements that you would expect in a hatchback, it also has the ability to cross boundries and has several special points, basically, it can satisfy many kinds of needs. Its engine is the same size as many mid size sedans, (1.8l), the gearbox utilizes CVT technology, and also has a sports mode. The smaller 1.4l engine can reach 75kw, which is comparable to a 1.6l engined car, the smaller 1.4 engine also has excellent power. At the same time, MG3 SWs platform is highly stable at high speeds. Cars in the same class dont have the same sub frame structure as the MG3SW, this structure is what gives the MG3 SW its stability at high speed. On controlling the MG3 SWs speed, the 4 disc brakes do an excellent job. Of course the MG3SW is the only car in its class that has this level of equipment.

NT: Besides taking over MG-Rovers mature models, is MG developing any new cars, and when will these be produced or enter the market?

YHJ: In the second half of 2009, MG will produce their first self developed car series, and from this point within the following three years, every year we will produce an entirely new product. This year we need to focus on our existing product line. The current line up maybe mature products, but they pave the way to creating a new line of products, such as a new 7-series, TF and the 3-series. MG may have used mature products to entire the Chinese market, but we will use these to create new products. In the second half of 2009 we will have developed a new platform, which will be used to make up for our lack of efforts in the compact car segment. We plan to establish ourselves in SAICs R&D group, and more importantly we need to rely on our British design and technology group for research.

NT: With regards to MGs branding position, in the future will you continue with MGs branding as a sports marque, do you believe the market cant support MGs development?

YHJ: From the product side of things, of course we wish to improve, in 2009 we want to introduce a new car that is different to what we have now, but the essance of MG we will keep, for example, the excellent control and power of an MG car.

Looking back, the sports model market really is a small one, but in the future, MG will develop. First of all, we need need to carry on with 80 years of sports car history, and also we will rely on many platforms for our strategic needs in every market segment, and to grasp the most important client base, also to raise our customer loyalty, only this way can we guarantee to raise sales levels.

CCF mod 07-21-2008 12:14 PM

Re: NAC-MG News
MG car sales are far from target


July 21, 2008 - The sales of the MG brand cars of Nanjing Auto, now a subsidiary of SAIC, only reached 1,900 units in the January to May period, less than 400 units a month on average, with a meager profit of 0.7%, said China Business News today. This sales volume is far from the target of 5,000 units in the first half of 2008 set by SAIC at the beginning of this year.

"Some parts of the sales performance have not met the progress requirements," said Chen Zhixin, general manager of Nanjing Auto and executive vice president of SAIC, who managed to look calm in public interviews though he felt quite uncomfortable about this sales figure of the MG brand over the past five months.

About half a year after SAIC acquired Nanjing Auto, the management of the Chinese car-making giant based in Shanghai is beginning to feel the growing burden of its Nanjing facility's major passenger vehicle brand MG. Whether or not to develop the MG as a priority brand poses a big question to the SAIC executive team.

On July 22, 2005, the Nanjing Automobile Group purchased the remaining assets, including the MG brand, of British MG Rover Group for 53 million. The Nanjing Auto and SAIC Motor announced a long-expected merger at the beginning of this year.

CCF mod 10-03-2008 12:39 PM

Re: NAC-MG News
MG landed in Chile with three models: roadster TF and sedans 750 and 550 which are rebadged Roewes 750 and 550:


From the hand of the SK Group Berg, MG returns to Chile with a very modern and comprehensive range. Besides the known TF Roadster, those responsible for the signature put on sale from October 15 the Roewe 550 and 750, but under seal MG.

The TF Roadster will arrive in December and maintains the sportsmanship of the British firm. With only two central squares and 135 hp engine, will have a competitive price and a bath. We do not know the provenance of the pieces to Chile, although most are security will be manufactured in China.

550 I have seen so far as Roewe. Under the MG brand hardly change the logo. Will be available with a 1.8i engine turbo of 150 hp and TCI-Tech technology, which allows pressing a button to change the engine response is more rapid and effective. The suggested retail price will depart from the 10,500,000 pesos (13,283 ) and there will be four versions for sale.

Finally we still talk about the 750, successor to the Rover 75 and MG ZT and coming to Chile in the mood for lost time. Equipped with a 2.5i V6 engine, is associated with an automatic change that has three different programs, normal, sport and snow. The endowment will be very full range and finished very achieved. The base price of the 750 2.5i V6 is 16,990,000 pesos (21,493 ).

CCF mod 11-26-2008 10:45 AM

Re: NAC-MG News
MG5, Roewe 350 to be built in Nanjing in '09


November 26, 2008 - The second phase of the MG facility, located in Pukou, Nanjing, has started construction after Chinese auto giant SAIC invested 2.566 billion yuan ($376.24 million), Beijing Youth said today.

Construction of the facility, which is to develop an all-new A-class car platform and the matched small engines, will be completed in 2009, according to Gao Yunhang, assistant general manager of MG sales company. When its construction is completed, the project will get an annual capacity of 200,000 vehicles and 250,000 engines, said Gao.

The small engines are all turbocharged engines ranging from 1.3L to 1.5L, Gao said.

The A-class car platform will build both MG5 and Roewe 350 models and will also develop MPV, hatchback and sedan models later, a source said. The MG6 is actually the hatchback model of Roewe 550, not just a common hatchback, the source disclosed.

MG, which went on sale in last August, couldnt enlarge its market share by an MT edition as 90% middle- and high-class car market is occupied by AT models.

Data show that MG posted a good sales growth after the MG7 is mated with an AT/MT co-developed with Japanese manufacturer of automatic transmissions, AISIN Co. Nanjing Autos MG sales in October increased by 22% year on year. The MG3-series MT editions posted significantly better sales than the AT editions, taking 60% of the total sales.

CCF mod 01-25-2010 01:02 PM

SAIC to sell and produce MG6 in EU by year end.

CCF mod 06-16-2010 12:24 PM

New 5m MG design studio unveiled at Longbridge site

A 5m design studio and technical centre for MG models has opened at the former Longbridge site in Birmingham.

The MG Motor UK complex will become the company's global design headquarters and employ 300 designers and engineers.

The firm said it is a "very significant day and a major new investment in UK automotive engineering and design".

Cars designed there will be sold in the UK and in China. It is the biggest investment at the former plant since the collapse of MG Rover in 2005.

MG Motor UK is a subsidiary of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC), China's largest automotive business, which owns the MG brand.

In November, the firm said production of the MG6 fastback would move to Longbridge in 2010 after starting in China.

The MGTF sports car is already built there.

The technical centre at Longbridge has been set up by SAIC.

Of the 300 staff at the two facilities, there are 30 designers working on MG models as well as the Roewe brand, which is built in China.

"These two centres of excellence sit at the heart of the MG Birmingham plant where a new family of MG models are currently being designed and engineered," a spokesman said.

"The designing of new cars and the engineering and technical aspects of the cars is all happening here in the UK.

"It's a very significant day.

"SAIC could have gone anywhere in the world for this but they chose Birmingham and Longbridge.

"It's an important endorsement.

"The MG6 fastback will be built here later in 2010 and it will be followed by a saloon version next year.

"They will be both be sold here and in China."

MG Rover went into administration in April 2005 with the loss of 6,000 jobs.

SAIC bought much of the company's intellectual property after its collapse and Chinese rival Nanjing Automobile Group acquired what was left of the MG Rover group.

The two companies merged in 2007.

CCF mod 06-19-2010 11:33 AM

Article abour recently opened design center at

CCF mod 03-24-2012 02:45 AM

MG is back to British Touring Car Championship:

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