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dmitra 05-09-2018 02:18 AM

Re: Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Introduction
Yes it will, Flavio, for the time being.

dmitra 07-30-2018 12:08 PM

BAIC SA Coega plant opens
BAIC's South African plant in Coega has officially opened last week with the ceremonial rollout of an X25 SUV.

Only one phase of the plant has been completed and currently SKD kits will be assembled. More complex processes like welding (body shop is complete), painting and stamping (paint and press shops are not) will be introduced over the next couple of years. If everything goes well, this plant will transform into a manufacturing facility eventually. There were several delays and disruptions during the construction of this plant due to problems and conflicts between BAIC SA management and the local populace/job-seekers/service providers/local suppliers/small contractors.

dmitra 09-27-2018 11:04 AM

Beiqi New Energy now listed under a different entity
Through a complicated deal, BAIC New Energy Automobile (BJEV) has now been subsumed by a new company that has listed on the Shanghai stock exchange.

Beiqi Langu ("Blue Park" or "Blue Valley") New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., (formerly known as Beijing Qianfeng Electronics Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Qianfeng Electronics Co., Ltd. previous to that) was a listed Chengdu-based company trading as S*ST Striker. This was owned mainly by Sichuan Xintaike Digital Equipment Co., Ltd. (41.13%) and other shareholders. Sichuan Xintaike Digital Equipment Co., Ltd., in turn was owned by the Beijing Capital Group which is a financial arm of the Beijing municipal govt. (Beijing SASAC).

In late December of 2017, an assets transfer and swap deal was approved by the authorities by which Beijing Capital Group transferred Sichuan Xintaike Digital Equipment Co., Ltd. to BAIC Group Co. without compensation. This was done as a prologue to listing BAIC New Energy Automobile on the stock exchange. Later, after some rounds of asset restructuring, wherein some assets of S*ST Striker were transferred to BAIC Group Co. directly, S*ST Striker relocated to Beijing and renamed itself Beijing Qianfeng Electronics Co., Ltd. It was decided that 100% of shares and assets of BAIC New Energy Automobile (BJEV) would be transferred to Beijing Qianfeng Electronics Co., Ltd. which would manage BJEV as its wholly owned subsidiary. Also, other former shareholders of S*ST Striker were to be reissued shares of the restructured firm, according to a predetermined ratio, as the company was entering a new business arena (thus requiring a revaluation of the enterprise). The company was renamed once more to Beiqi Langu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Trading in the old shares of S*ST Striker had been suspended in the meantime.

Under the new scheme, BAIC Group Co. would directly hold 22.75% of Beiqi Langu, and along with indirect stakes held through group companies (BAIC Motor, BAIC Motor Guangzhou, Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts Co., Bohai Piston, and Sichuan Xintaike Digital Equipment Co.) control 38.78% of the company.

So, essentially, Beiqi Langu will take over all affairs of BJEV now and the performance/potential of BJEV will be reflected in the price movements of the newly listed shares of Beiqi Langu. This is also why the media is reporting the event as a "backdoor listing" of BJEV.
and numerous other articles

(The whole thing is really very complicated)

The official asset restructuring document:

dmitra 11-19-2018 04:48 PM

Suspension of production at BAIC-Yinxiang and Bisu; what is happening?
2 Attachment(s)
In July, BAIC-Yinxiang and Bisu Auto declared suspension of production at their Hechuan dt., Chongqing facilities on the pretext of rising temperatures (heat wave) and furloughed workers for several weeks. At that time, workers' salaries had been due for a couple of months and it was feared that this was an attempt at "downsizing", i.e. some of the on-leave workers would never be called back. Some reporters speculated on whether the factory would even reopen soon. Now it has been over three months and production is still suspended at the plants. No Bisu or Huansu model has been made in the months August to October (except for a small batch of '206' vans for export); however, deliveries to dealers have carried on somewhat. Salaries for these months too have become due. Also recently, some personnel from the managerial cadre (operations and sales) are known to have resigned.

In October, the situation looked desperate, so BAIC, the Yinxiang group, and the local Hechuan dt. administration met to work out a capital injection plan for the beleaguered automakers. They decided to pump in about 2 billion yuan into BAIC-Yinxiang Auto, with 1 billion yuan coming from BAIC, and 500 million yuan from the Yinxiang group and the Hechuan government each. Further, it has been rumored that to save the brands, Huansu and Bisu may be integrated with Changhe into a new umbrella entity, provisionally "Xin Changhe" or "Xin Huansu" (Xin=new).

We know that brand management for Changhe and Weiwang (together called Da Changhe meaning Big Changhe) has been brought under the fold of a new company, Beiqi Changhe Automobile Co., Ltd. Furthermore, Weiwang is another tale of woe. Production of the S50 was suspended last year; this year production of all MPVs (M20/M30/M50F) have stopped after April. Even the '306' van has not been made since July. (Weiwang M60 is unaffected as that is made by Changhe)

Also very recently, Jiangxi Changhe Auto set up a company "Chongqing Changhe Automobile Technology Co., Ltd." at the Yinxiang manufacturing base in Hechuan dt., with the cooperation of the Hechuan government. This also lends support to the speculation that Changhe will have some sort of role in the restructuring of Huansu and Bisu. So, it is reasonable to assume that this provisional new entity, once it starts operating as a sub-unit of Beiqi Changhe Automobile, will eventually encompass all the four brands (here I am talking about brand activities not related to production).

Ever since the founding of BAIC-Yinxiang, and then Bisu, there has been speculation about these companies; whether they are joint ventures, subsidiaries, and how they are connected. Here's my attempt to create an organization diagram.

UPDATE: The share of Chongqing Yinxiang Hyosung General Power Machinery Co., Ltd. in Chongqing Bisu Automobile Co., Ltd. has risen to 44.9% from 32.1% on 13-Dec-2018.

As in my previous diagrams, only relevant (and not all) companies are included. The shareholding numbers are as of current; with the proposed capital infusion described above, those numbers are going to change.

It can be seen that, at present, both Bisu and BAIC-Yinxiang are principally controlled by the Yinxiang group (Zhang family). BAIC only has a minor stake in BAIC-Yinxiang. Of note, some of the current owners have consolidated their holdings in Yinxiang group companies from other shareholders over the past two to three years.

dmitra 12-22-2018 07:47 AM

BAIC-Yinxiang resumes production
2 Attachment(s)
BAIC-Yinxiang resumes Huansu production after about 5 months:

dmitra 02-05-2019 06:55 AM

BAIC assembly plant in Algeria
BAIC Industrie Internationale Algérie inaugurated its assembly plant in Batna province, Algeria, in late December. The program includes D20 hatchback, X25 (these two already being exported to Tunisia), X35, BJ40, and Pickup (ZX Terralord)

Over the last four years, after the Renault and SAFAV-MB plants were established, and with the government severely limiting auto imports and actively encouraging local production, the auto industry has rapidly picked up pace in the country. Hyundai, VAG, Kia and more recently Peugeot and Suzuki have set up assembly facilities for passenger cars in cooperation with local partners. Foton and Chery (among the Chinese) produce commercial vehicles.

Algeria is not new to vehicle production though, with SADAB (which eventually became SNVI) and CARAL having been set up towards the end of the fifties.

ausrutherford 02-05-2019 05:25 PM

Re: Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Introduction
Wait, why is BIAC producing the ZX Terralord when ZX is a part of GAC?

dmitra 02-06-2019 05:19 AM

Re: Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Introduction
ZX Auto was never part of GAC; they had a strategic manufacturing partnership and a technology (R&D) joint venture.

The partnership was dissolved in 2017 following the Runpard fiasco and poor sales performance of the joint SUVs (Urban Ark derivatives). The R&D JV was wholly taken over by ZX Auto and the Yichang plant was taken over by GAC.

Please refer to posts 19 and 20 of the Terralord thread.


As for BAIC, it does represent ZX Auto in a few countries in the Middle East/Africa region. Perhaps in these markets, ZX Auto has better reputation or brand recognition with regard to pickup trucks (from all the war video footage!), however the market may not be that large or lucrative enough that ZX feels the need to invest its own resources (more likely when BAIC or its local partner has already done so).

Lawrence 02-06-2019 11:01 AM

Re: Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Introduction
That BAIC-ZX relationship also goes back at least to 2005, when BAW represented ZX in the export of pickups to Russia.

kikipst 04-29-2019 06:20 AM

Re: Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Introduction
Beautiful Insight to the Chinese Automotive Market

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