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Lawrence 12-23-2019 01:58 PM

Re: Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Introduction
Foton was called Futian until about 2003.
Guangzhou Baolong was previously in a minor tie-up with FAW Hongta from 2005, to about.. 2008.
Chrysler ended its venture with BAIC (after its original contract renewal) in 2008, shortly after it parted ways from Daimler in 2007. However by contract Chrysler agreed to continued to produce the 300C until 2012, and the Dodge Sebring until 2013.
As for BAM, in all the years I have followed BAW and BAIC, I have never read anything about its activity in the motorcycle marketplace. Jili, and Lifan, yes, but not Beijing Auto. I am curious to know more.
Latest news suggests that Daimler is planning on taking a 75% stake in its venture with BAIC, up from 51%.

Over the years some of the companies that BAIC has aimed overtures at are:
Dongfeng merger in 2004, Renault in 2008, Changfeng, Lifan, and Fujian in 2009, Opel and Volvo in 2009, Zotye in 2010, Subaru (with Pangda) in 2011, Pininfarina in 2011.

Leo 12-24-2019 10:46 AM

Re: Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Introduction

About BAM, there stills seems to be a company called Beijing BAM Co Ltd, owned by Beijing SASAC:

It also has a website, which I visited a while ago, but now only returns an 403 error.

When I did access that website, their company history section more or less ran a short version of the Beijing Automobile Works history. They said they were now a auto parts and components manufacturer, mainly air conditioners and radiators.

Lawrence 12-26-2019 11:58 AM

Re: Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Introduction
Sorry Leo, I'm afraid I understood the BAM acronym to mean Automotive and Motorcycle but as you have said above, it is more likely a parts producer alone.
If it had been a serious motorcycle maker, I could see Harley Davidson following American Motors into Beijing, back in 1983.:)

Leo 12-26-2019 01:39 PM

Re: Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Introduction
Lawrence, you understood right. I used BAM as acronym for Beijing Automobile and Motorcycle Joint Manufacturing. At one time it seemed to be a genuine motorcycle manufacturer. Wikipedia credits it even as the only motorcycle brand available to the public.

The Beijing BAM company I mentioned in my last post, I just found it searching the internet. As I said, their company history page led me to believe that company was in some way connected to BAW or BAM. It wouldn't surprise me that it was 'reduced' to parts manufacturer in one of the many reforms.

I can't find any information that BAIC or BAW still makes motorcycles, so I guess they don't anymore.

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