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dmitra 03-25-2018 08:54 AM

Haval H4
Haval H4 launched on the market:

Four models are on offer: 1.3T and 1.5T versions in Red and Blue Labels.

As a consequence of this, the H6 range has been rationalized to an extent.

H6 Classic 1.5T, H6 Sport 2.0 Diesel, New H6 1.3T have been discontinued.
H6 Sport 1.5T, New H6 1.5T, New H6 2.0T remain.

dmitra 04-18-2018 06:59 AM

2018 Haval H6 II
2018 models of the New H6 have been presented, dubbed the "Chaohao ban (Super Luxury Edition)", with the 1.5T engine.

Visually, the Red Label is not much changed, except for some detailing in the front bumper/fog lamp housing. The Blue Label gets a more substantial facelift with a thicker, five-slat grille and new bumper, bringing the H6 into conformity with the Blue Label versions of the H4 and 2018 H2s.

2018 H6 II Red Label:

dmitra 04-18-2018 07:00 AM

2018 H6 II Blue Label:

dmitra 04-18-2018 07:04 AM


dmitra 05-25-2018 10:35 AM

2018 Haval H6 II
2018 models of the New H6 are launched on the market; the 1.5T and 2.0T engines are carried over from 2017 models (all variants have AT):

CCF mod 11-18-2018 07:35 AM

Haval H6 and H4 (with grey logo) @2018 Guangzhou Auto Show

CCF mod 12-02-2018 04:46 AM

2019 H4 1.5GDIT DCT:

CCF mod 03-31-2019 01:20 AM

2019 Haval H6

dmitra 09-06-2019 02:59 AM

Haval H4 Pro @ Chengdu Motor Show

CCF mod 09-24-2019 01:56 PM

Haval H4 Pro,

2020 H4:

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