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ash 11-11-2006 02:05 AM

Beiqi Foton signed report of joint venture for building light type diesel engine, Foton, the biggest Chinese light truck corporation signed a contract with the biggest independent engine corporation in the world Cummins on October 19. They work together to build Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Company Limited at the proportion of each half. It makes a new generation of Cummins light engine from 2.8 L to 3.8 L. They desire to build a light engine base in 2008.

The board chairman of Foton An Qingheng and the general manager Wang Jinyu for Chinese side and Cummins vice-president Steve Chapman and the board chairman of Cummins China John Watkins for American side signed the contract. The vice-mayor of Beijing City Lu Hao attended the the signing ceremony and made an important speech. Many other important personalities also attended the ceremony.

It was reported that this contract is biggest engine investment item in China. The most outstanding characteristic of this item is that the two new types of the engine going to be produced in the base never appear in American land. The new engines satisfy requires of Euro III and Euro IV standard and above. And Beijing Foton Cummins will be the only Cummins engine manufacture outside American land. The engines will be used for light trucks, pickups, SUV, MPV and other multi-functional equipments.

As the biggest commercial vehicle manufacture in China, Foton started its light-truck business from 1999 and its sale result ranked top one for 8 years continuously. The strong power must drive Foton forward.

Admin 11-12-2006 01:47 AM

Iran to assemble Chinese light truck next year
TEHRAN, Nov. 11 (MNA) – Saipa Diesel Co. and Foton of China are close to strike an agreement on production of a light truck in Iran, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Saturday.The six-ton Chinese lorry is now enduring the preliminary tests at Saipa and it would hit the assembly line next Iranian calendar year (to start March 21, 2007) if the test result comes out satisfactory.

The move is expected to offer a new impetus, as Saipa hopes, to both Iran’s stagnant truck market and scraping process of worn-out rigs. At 170 million rials ($18,500), the Foton may checkmark both queries.

As claimed by the manufacturer, Foton is capable of passing Euro II standards and the fuel economy of the 108-HP engine, 13 liters per 100 km, is lucrative enough to push the six-wheeler into the marketplace.

Not long ago, Saipa Diesel was involved in sales of Chinese version of Nissan light trucks with diesel engine. The company says it has no further plans to pick up this venture again.

Iran’s domestic truck manufacturers have been experiencing a slump in recent months and see inexpensive Chinese trucks as the main way out of the ‘crisis’. Nevertheless, the experts are on the say that low quality of Chinese wheels may further weaken the nation’s transportation fleet.

mrgq 11-13-2006 03:18 PM

who benefits from this kind of deal more...China or Iran?

pokershark 11-15-2006 03:09 PM

Euro Series Light Truck Performed Affirmative
November 07, 2006
Although the inner land light truck market developed little in the first three quarters of this year, the change of Euro and Japanese light truck situation attracted most attention. It was reported that the increasing ratio of light truck fell down in this year but Euro series of which Foton Aumark and Nanjing IVECO represent rose up. But Japanese light truck which had been used since 1980s began to fell down after a 20-year occupation in Chinese Market, because it couldn’t satisfy the need of customers gradually.

According to the authoritative number, the increasing ratio of light truck has fell down to 10% compared with 13% of last year. Experts said that it might be because of the rising price of petrol and materials. Compared with light truck manufacturing market, the light truck consuming got mature. More light truck customers realized that it was not only an instrument but an enjoyment of transportation, and required more in light truck consume. The Japanese light truck almost based on the techniques of 1980s, it was obvious that it could hardly satisfy the need now.

There were three main reasons: 1.The industry design is stagnated, narrow body work, no advancement, the top speed can only reach 90-100 kilometers per hour, these couldn’t catch up with the fast development of Chinese situation. 2. Worse public praise 3. The techniques drop behind. The Japanese side is not willing to bring new techniques to China.

Why does Euro light truck keep such a rising tendency? Experts said that it is product decides the win or lost. Foton Aumark caught up with the steps of the world advanced techniques. As the representative product of Euro light truck, Foton Aumark has three main features that the engine of world top level, double wide bodywork and lower load platform. It realized high quality, high profit, high safety and high comfort.

ash 12-03-2006 01:34 AM

Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive
Beijing- German-US automaker DaimlerChrysler plans to buy a 24-per-cent stake in the Chinese truck maker Beiqi Foton for 104 million dollars, the Chinese firm said Thursday. Beiqi Foton plans to sell 297 million shares to DaimlerChrysler at 2.75 yuan each for a total value of 817 million yuan, according to a company statement filed with the Shanghai stock exchange.

Foton, China's largest maker of small trucks, is also to sell 129 million shares for 355 million yuan (45.2 million dollars) to its state-owned parent company, it said.

DaimlerChrysler,the world's largest truck maker, said it could not confirm that it had agreed to buy the shares, saying any agreement would remain subject to Chinese government approval.

"We have been in discussions with Foton for quite some time to cooperate to offer medium- to heavy-duty trucks in China," a DaimlerChrysler spokesman said.

"Until the approval process is complete, we can't comment further," he added.

If the deal goes ahead, it would make DaimlerChrysler the second-largest shareholder in Foton, the China Securities Journal said.

The largest stakeholder is Beiqi, Foton's state-owned parent, with a 32-per-cent share, which would be reduced to 31 per cent if the DaimlerChrystler deal goes through.

DaimlerChrysler originally wanted to form a joint-venture with Foton, but it has already reached the limit of two commercial-vehicle joint ventures under Chinese regulations, industry sources said.

The US-German company said last month that it sold 16,400 Mercedes vehicles in China from January to September, up 47 per cent from 2005.

Sales of imported Chrysler Group vehicles also increased by 31 per cent in China, it said.

chinoy54 12-14-2006 08:45 PM

both should benefit, i should think. iran gets a source for inexpensive brand-new trucks to replace what i would think are fairly rundown trucks or else used trucks from japan,etc. & china gets to test their trucks in conditions w/ch do not exist anymore in parts of greater china, pot-holed gravel tracks, extreme operating conditions, overloading, poor maintenance conditions, etc. i believe FOTON is up to the task, & i would like to get more information as to how they will perform in the future.

chinoy54 12-14-2006 08:56 PM

"Not long ago, Saipa Diesel was involved in sales of Chinese version of Nissan light trucks with diesel engine. The company says it has no further plans to pick up this venture again."

does anyone know w/ch chinese manufacturer this is & why they stopped?

Admin 01-16-2007 11:25 PM

DaimlerChrysler buys 24% of truckmaker Beiqi Foton; confirms R&D alliance
16 January, 2007
Source: Automotive WorldBeiqi Foton Motor, a China-based commercial vehicles manufacturer, says it has signed an agreement with DaimlerChrysler for technological and sales cooperation. As previously reported in November, it has now confirmed that it will issue 297 million new Class A shares to the US-German OEM, according to MarketWatch.
DaimlerChrysler has agreed to offer technological support to Beiqi Foton with R&D activities for the development of light and heavy trucks, as well as helping the Chinese company export its products through DaimlerChrysler's sales network, according to the Chinese OEM. The company is also aiming to become the main sales agent in China for Mercedes-Benz trucks.
Shareholders of Beiqi Foton have approved the private placement of 297 million new Class A shares, representing 24% of share capital, to DaimlerChrysler, and 129 million shares to its own parent, Beijing Automotive Industry Holdings, at Yuan 2.75 (US$0.35) per share.
Beiqi Foton stated that the deal is subject to approval by China's Ministry of Commerce.

phaeton 01-18-2007 02:32 AM

WOW lots of foreign investment in China going on now :D

ash 01-20-2007 01:14 PM

DaimlerChrysler Expands in China With Heavy Trucks
Will this give a hard time to all the chinese truck manufacturers in china?

BEIJING — DaimlerChrysler is expanding its relationship with Beijing Auto as a springboard into the medium- and heavy-truck market in China.

The German automaker said it has received approval from the central government here to take a 24 percent stake in BAIC subsidiary Beiqi Foton Motor, which makes trucks and SUVs primarily for the Chinese market. DaimlerChrysler reportedly will supply Foton with modern commercial vehicles to sell in China, including trucks and vans.

The deal is worth an estimated $100 million.

BAIC's relations with DaimlerChrysler stretch back to the early 1980s, when American Motors formed a partnership with Beijing Jeep to build the Cherokee — the first such deal for a U.S. automaker. AMC was absorbed in 1986 into Chrysler, which in turn was acquired by Daimler.

Currently, BAIC also assembles versions of the Mercedes-Benz C- and E-Class sedans. Mercedes vans are assembled by two other Chinese makers, Yaxing Benz and Fujian Auto.

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