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micodelija 10-20-2009 05:57 PM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5

here i just found one photo of diesel model of H5, also it have different hood and front grill, by that i think that it's a intercooler engine inside, but i don't know which

KiwiGuy 10-20-2009 11:31 PM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5
Looks to me like a turbo variant. Maybe it is a concept with the new 2.8 litre turbodiesel?

cuisine 10-21-2009 09:00 AM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5
it looks like nissan murano for me. previous mask was better :-/

rshlexington 11-06-2009 04:45 PM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5
I think that the diesel looks much more aggressive than the gas model, with the different grille and hood scoop. Does the dashboard (esp. top part) remind anyone of the SEAT exea?

simtopia23 01-02-2010 08:38 AM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5

Originally Posted by micodelija
thank you very much, you can see lot of improvments on this new hover, by my opinion they simply improve all by the demands of the european customers, there was also a manager from italy and we is also delighted with the vehicles, i think that this car will be more and more competetive at any market

some european press was there and I told with them, from france, they sit into car and take a photo under the dashboard, i ask him why he is doing it and he told me tha this car is poor quality??? i was shocked, there was also some more people with him, next to GWM was BMW and i show him differences between bmw x5 and hover, that hover have much stronger 4x4 sistem, especially with 4L mode, hover also have chassis which bmw don't have so he can very easily drive on heavy off road, i also present to them the mitsubishi engine, brake sistem from bosch etc...and they was so suprised with it, i also told to them that my car have 100.000 km and that they can arrive in croatia anytime they want to try it, also i present them the can get luxury suv from 23000 €, and in europe you can't buy and luxury suv under 30000 € which will have drive skills and equipment like hover

i am wondering why european press came there to write something bad, they told to me that they never drive this car before and how can they be sure in his quality if they never see the production line and have a test ride???

Hello, I am Italian and unfortunately I can not agree with you.

it is true that there aren't models of luxury in Italy or in Europe at that price but European standards are much higher overall quality of Chinese.

in Italy there is a dr who sells Chery models but many customers have complained about various technical problems in these cars and unfortunately DR for most of the cases does not solve anything.

great wall hover H3 in Italy sells something because ths veichle has gas engines that, thanks to ecoincentives are down prices but these cars are poor if we test with an european cas.

How did the crash test of these great wall?? in this car is there ESP system?? and diesel engines? Another problem is the fact that we can not prove that these cars can last after 100 000 km or 200 000 km.

also the fact that fiat Fiat has accused Great Wall of copying its models certainly will not help this brand, especially in Italy where people estimate the Fiat group

for that price one might prefer to take a nissan qashqai in Italy is very cool and the price is low.

however the hover h7 seems a merger between a Mazda and a hover h3

micodelija 01-02-2010 06:48 PM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5 should read topics before to discuss about this :confused: you will found many your answers there

yes, first i see that you have much different opinion and compare wrong vehicles, dr motor is a vehicles from chery group, so we shoudn't go off topic, dr 3 or 5 are much smaller vehicles then hover and problem there is in the manifactuiring in italy and selling under dr brand, for me serius brand will never give anybody to sell their vehciles under other brand, it's like you sell bmw with other name, this is not serisus, also the italians are doing their own modifications, fiat engines and so i am also sure that there is some problems, but there is other issue,car sale statistic in italy selling of dr motor is going quite well, in italy there is also gonow, who try to sell their vehicles under katay brand name in italy, you see what happend? gonow is now selling under gonow brand in italy, not any other name, i am sure that company see that rename the products isn't good

now we talk about hover, i don't see any problem is vehicle have lpg or cng, hover have mitsubishi 4g64 engine which can pass over 500.000 without problem,this is "old school engines", they maybe aren't with much power, they maybe spend little bit more fuel but they are reliable! also there is some chinese laws which effect on that why hover and manyother chinese suv have this engine, also you write that this vehciles can't pass 100 or 200000 km, this is wrong, surf thru the topics more, only my car have 120.000 km, i also post of photo of hover which have over 220.000 km,join to chinese website autohome and bbs, you will found hover with over million km, join to chinamobil russian site and see what is hover in difficult weather like in russia, after all buy a hover and drive it for 4 year and then talk about the car, for the crash test i have certificates from test according by euro ncap, i have test from china-ncap, i have test from homologation, and finnaly i have personal test(fall into 40m dig),when you have expiriance like this...the car pass all possible tests, how is the chance that you will have the same crash during driving like those tests?? those tests are good for marketing and advertising, hothing more, in car accident you really should have so much luck and that god be with you

this old model of hover maybe don't have esp and 8 airbags, but is it really nessesary??? how many time you need esp and airbags??? you bought a car to hit with him in a wall or to drive it normaly? also for the esp, hover is a serius suv with real 4x4 mode, have you even see the chasis and 4x4 mode of hover? it's very simmilar to general motors(hover is based on isuzu) and toyota (gwm bought production line)

also it's very silly to compare nissan qq and hover because hover is much bigger, hover have much better 4x4 mode, those vehciles aren't the same class, you can compare hover with vehicles like hyundai santa fe, nissan xtrail, suzuki grand vitara, chevrolet captiva, honda crv, mitsubishi outlander or kia sorento and so on, but check first their prices with 4x4 and lot of extra which hover offer in serial equipment, all those vehicles cost over 30000€,and hover with full extra and 4x4 mode cost 23000, for 7000€ and much chaper cost of maintance...i personaly don't care for esp, 8 airbags and and other stuff, because i don't need this, the same is like for diesel engine, personaly i will never buy any car with diesel engine, diesel engines are noisy, more expensive for maintance,they stink, i had many luxurius cars like mercedes, bmw, chrysler, and others...all with gasoline engine, i had diesel only 1 time, vw passat and after that i decide that i will never buy diesel engine anymore, diesel engine should be used in tractors and trucks, not is big comfortable suv

also for that fiat law suit against great wall, firstly gwm didn't have plans to export peri to european markets,this is press writing idiotic articles, you know how many italians work in gwm??? when you found out that you will know how fiat panda came into china

simtopia23 01-03-2010 12:57 PM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5
ok I apologize for not having read the rest of the debate, I went a bit 'running writing.

I made comparisons to show the current situation of Chinese models in Italy, the DR I just wanted to talk about the problems of these cars are really cheap and unreliable, and read blogs on the Internet against 90 cars in 100 DR because of the problems that have not always linked to the assembly or the Italian Fiat engine (actually the engine fiat nobody says anything, the 1.9 multjet 120hp is fabulous).

about the great wall hover so we go more specifically, the old version is perhaps the most reliable car I am sure the Chinese and the only problem is the engine idle and wasteful.

about the ESP really helps so much in an emergency but ok let's say you do not need the system, between those years, Europe will make it mandatory on all cars 3? 4 at most? now all the houses make it a series because it is true is not essential but if you run less risk.

I ask you a question: Have you ever driven a Volvo? Volvos are full of non-core technologies that you define but when you make you really comfortable such as City Safety is very useful because it often happens in cities when you stand in line to accelerate even if you have a car stops in front (maybe u are distracted) and believe me it often happens in big cities with the City Safety will avoid all that money wasted in such incidents and this is just an example of all the times you want to do this.

Nissan QQ is an example of a car with the same price as a GW Hover but not of the same segment, it is clear that the Hover that costs less but because it offers a lower quality, we want to compare the quality of materials of a CRV or a RAV4 with that of the great wall hover? it is clear that the hover is cheaper but because it is cheaper in many respects.

hover on the diesel engine that is more than an SUV is not much, but the engine itself is great, my mother has a Nissan Micra 1.5 DCI and believe me that engine is incredible, makes type 22 km / l and is very fast since the 'car weighs 1000kg, when you try a 1.6 HDI completely change your mind, is extremely quiet, consumes little and push hard.

ah then another question: I don't understand why the Chinese always have to copy the lines of other models? in this case because they put the front of a Mazda CX7 old front was nice hover

PS: sorry for my terrible English

micodelija 01-03-2010 01:19 PM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5
intresting reply...personaly i will never buy a vehcile such as dr, simply it's not my type, anway it's good that car have fiat engines, i have fiat for over 10 years in my house and never we have any problems with them, i also have stilo 1.9 jtd,not for long time but this car almost go like my old bmw 525

for the ESP, EU will very soon make this as a standard, maybe it's good because over 90% drivers are very bad and made only 10000 km per year, i made over 80000 km per year and i really don't need the ESP, personaly this don't bother me so much, but it will be good that car have it, for many other users which don't have so much expiricance

for the volvo i can say all best, i had couple of them, s40, s940 and xc90. but they was very expensive for maintance, also here in croatia you don't have any good service for them, i will not compare a hover with volvo, volvo was a brand which always pay big attention to the security

but we can compare hover in other way, for over 5 years hover is best selling suv in china, hover got many european certificates, hover is selling in whole world, it's not avalaible in sale in US only, for all chinese suv's i can say that hover is best from them, in 2008 i personaly agree that hover was offical vehicle of croatian olimpic delegation and they was also delighted with them

for diesel engines, my uncle had renault clio with 1.5 dci, he had so much problems with it, especially with turbo and oil leakage, 1.6 hdi i had in my old cars where i work before, citroen c4, it goes well, don't spend so much fuel and simply it's not reliable, this small enignes can be used in small crossover vehicles like nissan qq, but in big suv like hover? hover have over 500 kg more then nissan, also it's much more comfortable, i had before mercedes ml and bmw x5, hover suspension is much better,100%, because i pass so much km per year i am quite sure in that, personaly for me is most important that engine is reliable, he never leave me on the road and i also have LPG sistem on it, you can read a topic here...100.000 km with my hover, you can see there my car, which i buy from italy

i don't agree that hover is copy of mazda cx7, my friend have it, car's are maybe similiar but not copy like gonow for example, check the model from gonow, it's almost 90% same like toyota land crusier/prado, hover design was made by italian desing studio and mainly keep the base from isuzu axiom, you also must know many chinese laws which allow those copy paste things in china, but mainly those vehicles aren't allowed for export, especially after so much affairs

simtopia23 01-03-2010 03:37 PM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5
i know the old stilo is very terrible and unreliable.

i'm agree about esp, volvo, Diesel i think is good if the engine is large and powerful for example the CX7 2.2. D, Rav4 2.2 D-4D and CRV 2.2 I-CDTI are good because a gasoline engine consumes much more and for large diesel vehicles in Europe are a must for moving vehicles because of the weight it takes enormous engines and Europe have them for an average citizen is difficult.
I think that if the Great Wall wants to sell so will produce a large petrol engine but powerful (133hp are too few) and also a good engine above 2.0.

for you maybe can fit well but maybe there are customers who seek quality of materials,i don't say that the great wall hover is a bad SUV, I saw him live and I know how he is everything but an explanation lower cost = worst finishes (which then may be of interest to the buyer or not does not matter)

I was referring to the great wall hover H5 front looks like a Mazda SUV.

PS: do u speak italian???

micodelija 01-04-2010 08:48 AM

Re: Great Wall Hover H5
yes, hover in the future will have completley new engines, problem is law about fuel consuption in china, that's the reason why they are little bit limited with the power, simply the law don't allow stronger engines if it not complies the chinese law about fuel, you can now buy diesel engine in china, 2.8 tci and 2.5 tci but because of that law they are also limited to 80-85 kw

in the future hover will have a 2.0 diesel engine with at least 150 hp, and gasoline engines which will be 3.0 v6 enignes with over 200 hp

for the interior, in the old model which is selling in italy, simply this interior is took from isuzu axiom, isuzu axiom is model from 2002 year and gwm didn't change it nothing, only install there dvd and gps, new interior is much better quality, and finishing is also much better,however i now have hover for 4 years and don't have any problem with the interior, nothing is broke, nothing is making noisy sound

i am sorry, i don't speak italian, do you speak croatian? :)

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