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the_raven 03-08-2016 07:29 AM

Re: JAC J5 (Heyue)

could someone help me how can i find jac j5 ( and other models ) spare part catalog in PDF format.
i'm looking for it for a while and i know it has a PDF file .

any help really appreciated.

dmitra 03-08-2016 09:51 AM

Re: JAC J5 (Heyue)
Don't know if these would help:

the_raven 03-16-2016 09:59 AM

Re: JAC J5 (Heyue)

Originally Posted by dmitra (Post 114298)

Thanks for your reply. i already have this files but there is a more specific file with part pictures and schematics.every part has a number and you can find that part with its number on the table with description and part number. i'm looking for that file .
i couldn't find that file on the internet even on Russian websites.
but some people has it .seems they are got that file from china or Chinese cars agencies on their country.
thank you anyway.

dmitra 11-16-2017 10:56 AM

Electric sedan
Electric sedan based on JAC Heyue. Motor is 85 or 110 kW.

dmitra 12-15-2017 04:31 AM

Re: JAC J5 (Heyue)
Electric sedan will be known as iEVA50.

dmitra 02-26-2018 06:07 AM

Electric JAC iEV A50
1 Attachment(s)
110 kW motor; 330/400 km range from 47 kWh or 60 kWh batteries.
Attachment 45905

CCF mod 02-26-2018 01:16 PM

Photo gallery at:

CCF mod 02-26-2018 01:17 PM


dmitra 04-26-2018 04:06 PM

Re: JAC J5 (Heyue) & iEV A50

dmitra 09-06-2019 02:49 AM

Refreshed iEVA50 @ Chengdu Motor Show

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