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lambongoc 02-23-2019 03:47 AM

being new to this forum, i was wondering if someone could clarify whether it is just me, or do most (if not all )these chinese pickups carry the same equipment. engines, taillights, bodytypes, instruments etc. a number of these pickups are now on the jamaican market and to be honest, there is no superior feature in any brand to boast about; often while driving, i use the exterior features to determine that the vehicle is chinese however it is hard to defrientiate exactly what brand it is. can any one shed any light as to the similarities.

dmitra 02-23-2019 08:58 AM

Re: curious
Yes, till very recently, a large number of pickups were indeed based on the same Isuzu-derived chassis (usually the first generation D-MAX) and shared common body shells, external design elements and interiors. The engines these were equipped with too were from a limited set of choices, usually from Mitsubishi or Isuzu, made/copied by their local partners. The 3025 mm and 3380 mm wheelbases were common to many pickups. Foday is a company that has been known to supply diverse manufacturers with kits, components, or sub-assemblies for pickups.

Hasared 09-01-2019 09:51 PM

Re: curious
interesting too!

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