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ash 11-11-2006 03:06 AM

Sinotruk (China National Heavy Duty Truck - CNHTC)
On the 14th world productivity conference held in Shen Yang October 10, Sino-truck won the 2006 annual top ten Chinese brands in world market and the 2006 annual top ten powerful Chinese brands. The board chairman of Sino-truck Ma Chunji won the 2006 annual top ten Chinese internationalized figures and be awarded as the academician of the world productivity academy for life.

BringIt 11-16-2006 10:52 AM

Oh c'mon, this is a Chinese award for Chinese companies - has nothing to do with "International / world" :nono:

mrgq 07-04-2007 01:17 PM

China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co. (CNHTC)
Jul. 4, 2007 (China Knowledge) – China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co. Ltd (CNHTC) <000951> and Super Group. Ltd of South Africa signed a framework agreement on strategic cooperation in Jinan last week, capital city of Shandong Province, marking the beginning for CNHTC's products into South African market

Raul 12-05-2007 08:56 AM

Sinotruk launched in HK stock market
Source: Shanghai Daily

SHARES of Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Ltd plunged on the first trading day of its initial public offering in Hong Kong yesterday, possibly due to an overvalued price. China’s largest maker of heavy-duty trucks dropped 15.6 percent to close at HK$10.86 (US$1.39) yesterday compared with its float price of HK$12.88, the top of the company’s initial price range.

The flat debut came after the initial offer was oversubscribed by institutional and individual investors. The Ji’nan, Shangdong Province-based truck maker raised a record high of HK$9 billion yuan after selling 702 million new shares, accounting for 32 percent of its capital.

Hong Kong individuals applied for more than 300 times the number of stock initially set aside for them, while demand from international institutions was about 50 times the available shares.

"The drop is within market expectation because the IPO price is overvalued amid an earlier market boom," said Xia Ping, auto analyst from Core-Pacific Yamaichi International (HK) Ltd, an investment banking firm. "But the strong fundamentals will still support the stock in the long term," Xia added.

Ma Chunji, chairman of Sinotruk, declined to comment on the price slump, reiterating the HK IPO would benefit the company’s long-term development in the auto industry on both domestic and overseas markets, according to yesterday.

The sale proceeds will be used to fund production expansion, technology upgrades as well as research and development , Sinotruk said in its share-sale document.

The Chinese partner of Volvo AB earlier announced it will invest 800 million yuan by 2010 to double its capacity, thanks to China’s rapidly growing economy and increase in fixed assets. It aims to sell 125,000 heavy-duty trucks by 2010, of which one-third will be exported to overseas markets, Sinotruk’s Ma said earlier.

Sinotruk also has a Shenzhen-listed subsidiary, which also lost 3.2 percent yesterday to 46.82 yuan.

Raul 12-05-2007 08:58 AM

Sinotruk to sell more trucks in Vietnam
Source: Shanghai Daily

CHINA’S largest maker of heavy trucks, Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Ltd, aims to sell as many as 2,500 vehicles in Vietnam next year, as economic growth in the southeast Asian nation boosts demand for trucks.

The company has signed an agreement with TMT Auto Co, Vietnam’s largest commercial-vehicle distributor, it said yesterday. The first 500 trucks will be delivered in the first quarter of 2008.

DolceVita 12-18-2007 10:11 PM

Sinotruk secures order for 10,000 heavy trucks for Russia and Vietnam
Lastest news on December 17, 2007.:cool:

"Sinotruk secures overseas order for 10,000 heavy trucks for 2008

Sinotruk (3808, HK), China's largest heavy duty truck manufacturer, has secured a combined order for 10,000 heavy trucks from Russia and Vietnam, a company spokesman told Xinhua on Monday.

"We just signed an agreement on December 7 with Russian automobile maker Zavod Imeni Lihacheva (ZIL) to set up a jointventure to sell and assemble HOWO series heavy trucks in Russia," said spokesman Guo Huanan.

According to the agreement, the two sides will each hold a 50-percent stake of the new venture named HOWO-ZIL.

The two sides have signed a sales contract to sell 7,600 heavy trucks in Russia next year including a purchase order of 800 trucks for January, added Guo.

He said that Sinotruk and its Russian partner would kick off their collaboration by making use of ZIL's sales network to sell Sinotruk's HOWO series heavy trucks in Russia and conduct the completely knocked down (CKD) cooperation by the middle of nextyear, meaning Sinotruk would provide ZIL with vehicle parts for itto assemble in Russia.

Earlier this October, the Shandong-based company also signed acontract with TMT Auto company, Vietnam's largest commercialvehicle distributor, to sell 2,500 trucks in Vietnam.

"We hope to sell a total of 30,000 trucks overseas in 2008," said Guo.

Following Sinotruk's entry into the Russian market at the beginning of this year, 50 models of its trucks have been granted product certification and more than 30 service stations have been established in Russia.

Sinotruk was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at the endof November and netted more than nine billion Hong Kong dollars(1.15 billion U.S. dollars) to boost its product research and development and to fund the upgrading of its facilities."

CCF mod 12-24-2007 02:19 AM

Sinotruck signs framework agreement with South African company.


December 24 – China’s largest heavy truck maker, Sinotruck, signed a framework cooperation agreement with South African company Super Group, state media China News Agency reported today.

Under the agreement, Super Group will purchase 300 water tank trucks from Sinotruck and sell these tank trucks in South African and neighboring areas. Super Group will also buy additional 1,800 heavy trucks from Sinotruck in 2008 and prepare Sinotruck a full-scale invasion into South Africa market, the report said.

The framework agreement heralds Sinotruck’s historical invasion of South Africa market, the report said. Super Group is the largest logistic service provider in South Africa. Its business covers supply chain, logistics, retail supply. Last year, Super Group purchased $250 million worth products from Chinese market, up 30 percent from one year earlier.

The Shandong-based truck-maker is China’s largest heavy truck maker, which holds 20.8 percent of China's heavy truck market year to date. This year, the truck maker has exported over 13,000 heavy trucks, leading China’s heavy truck exports for three consecutive years. By mid-December, Sinotruck has produced and sold 100,000 heavy trucks.

On December 7 Sinotruck reached a cooperation agreement with Russian largest heavy truck maker Likhachev-AMO ZIL. The two companies will form a 50-50 joint venture, HOWO-ZLL, which will assemble and sell Sinotruck-made HOWO heavy trucks. The joint venture is expected to be able to assemble 250,000 heavy trucks annually by 2012.

ash 01-06-2008 02:28 PM

Chinese Trucks to Be Assembled in Russia Jointly with ZIL
MOSCOW, December 26. /FIS/ Sinotruk, China's largest producer of trucks and AMA ZIL signed an agreement on the establishment of a JV in Russia to be called HOWO-ZIL and engaged in the assembling and sales of heavy HOWO trucks in Russia. HOWO sales are projected at 7 thousand in 2008. Sinotruk entered the Russian market at the beginning of 2007. Since then it has developed over 30 service centers across the country. Note that recently KamAZ announced that it would try to make the government introduce the ban on the import to and operation of Chinese heavy trucks in Russia as they do not conform to Russian GOSTs.
Source: Finmarket.-

mememe 01-06-2008 03:44 PM

How much money will be invested ?

CCF mod 01-06-2008 04:27 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Introducing Sino Truck:


The headquarters of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (CNHTC) is located in Jinan city, Shandong Province, P. R. China. It is the cradle and leading production base of the heavy-duty truck industry in China. It is famous for developing and manufacturing the first heavy duty truck -- “HUANGHE” brand vehicle model JN150 in China, for successful introducing the “STEYR” heavy duty truck production project, and for setting up a joint venture with VOLVO to manufacture the heavy duty trucks with up-to-date international level.
CNHTC was founded on the basis of Jinan Automobile Works (JAW). JAW was founded in 1935, and mainly manufactured spare parts of trucks. It started developed and manufactured heavy-duty truck in 1956 and became a manufacturer of heavy-duty truck in China. -- “HUANGHE” brand vehicle model JN150 with payload 8 tons in April 1963, ended the history that heavy-duty truck cannot be manufactured in China. Chairman Mao Zedong visited this sample truck when he surveyed Jinan on April 4th, 1963. Commander Zhude signed the name of “HUANGHE” for this truck. Since then, CNHTC manufactured several hundred thousand units of heavy-duty trucks, made an important contribution to the developing of civil economy.
At present, CNHTC has Jinan Truck Co., Ltd., Jinan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jinan Power Co., Ltd., Jinan Axle Co. Ltd., Jinan Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., Jinan Bus Co., Ltd, and Huawo Truck Co., Ltd. in Jinan Area for manufacturing and assembling of truck CBU, manufacturing and processing of engine, axle, gearbox, wheel, propeller shaft, cab trimming, seat and so on components and parts, and producing and manufacturing task of bus and special vehicle. In Shandong Area, there are Qingdao Special Vehicle Company, Taian Wuyue Special Vehicle Company, Jining Refitting Vehicle Company and Jinan Park Machine Company for manufacturing of special trucks and refitting trucks. Out of Shandong, there are Hangzhou Truck Engine Works of Jinan Power Co., Ltd., Chongqing Fuel Pump & Nozzle Factory and so on. The Technical Development Center at the Jinan headquarters, which is a state level enterprise technical center, supplies powerful technical support for the R & D of CNHTC’s products. Besides, CNHTC also has been managing subsidiaries such as real estate company, import & export company, Hong Kong company, finance company, Xinhai vouching company, and property management company etc. CNHTC also possesses a listed company, namely, A stock “ CNHTC”.
In Jan. 18th, 2001, through a number of reforms and restructures, CNHTC has built a new corporate system and made the company operate actively.
Since reformation and reorganization, CNHTC has raised its sales profit from CNY 6.2 billion to 23 billion Yuan. The production and selling of truck CUB raised from 7000 to 45000, the market share was improved from less than 4% to 18% and reached three “Number one” in China: number one in the segment of heavy tractors sold in China, number one in the segment of large power engine (>300hp) sold in China and number one in the segment of heavy duty truck equipped with engine (more than 10 liter) in China.
In July 15th, 2005, the “Top 500” in the mechanical companies in China was announced and CNHTC ranked 17th. And in “Top 500 of large-size” in mechanical companies, it ranked 15th. From 2004 to 2005, several national leaders, Mr. Wu Bangguo, Mr. Wang Zhaoguo, Ms. Wuyi have visited CNHTC in succession, they all praised the development of CNHTC and put forward ardent expectation.
CNHTC performed technique innovation; it has invested 4 billion to more than 100 programs to make man craft and scale production linked quickly with advanced enterprise in the world. Jinan Industrial Aera, Changqing Industrial Aera and Zhangqiu Industrial Area have been built up in succession; the digital frame line, new assembly line, HOWO welding line, painting line ect. Which are representatives of international advanced level have been put into use. The production capacity of Jinan Power Co., Ltd, which was been invested nearly CNY 1 billion, reaches 60000 units and has developed times featured engine for heavy-duty truck. This kind of engine represents the top technical level of 10 liters emission engine in China and has made truck CUB producer establishes technical criterion by itself, thereby to make sure the upgrade with truck CUB technology. By using the technology advantages of itself and absorbs the advanced technology of the heavy-duty truck around the world, CNHTC has developed series heavy-duty trucks such as HOWO, STEYR-King, Golden-Prince, HAOJUN, HAOYUN, Huanghe Commander, Huanghe General and so on, which includes more than 1380 models. CNHTC focuses on the protection of knowledge property right and makes more than 600 technologies get the national patent.
To strength the marketing construction of “Great market, great marketing”, and to build up comparatively sound marketing network system.
The construction of information system makes production according to orders, multi-model assembly, suppliers in the workshops, assembly without stockpile and design without paper come true. “One line” production management, supplying chain management system, workshop management system, “One line” payment for truck management system and “One line” after sales service management system etc. have improved the management and scale production increasingly and increased core competitive force.
Implementing the internationalization strategy, unceasingly developing the overseas market, strengthening the international competition strength and the anti-risk ability, at the bottom of Oct. 2005, CNHTC has exported truck CUB 3546 units, Exportation bringing in foreign exchange income breaks through 100 million US dollars critical junctions.
Implementing the high quality low cost strategy makes development for new product, technical craft, tender purchase, energy saving and consumption reducing, financial control, material flow reconstructing and so on reduce the cost in all aspects. For 5 years, each vehicle cost was reduced CNY 10,000 Yuan.
The superiority of technology, brand, cost, price, human sources and networks and so on agglomerated the growth potential for CNHTC. CNHTC will unceasingly pushes four big strategies to gradually realize the internationalization of product, market, capital, mechanism and brand.

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