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Default Re: Willowvale and Quest (Zimbabwe)

The partnership Beiqi Zimbabwe is between three parties: WMI, BAIC and another local company Astol Motors which is a commercial-vehicles trader. Looks like Astol will be actual sales and service conduit. Interesting is the fact that WMI's local rival Quest is assembling Fotons!

(BAIC is also selling the Grand Tiger in Oman (CBU ex-China). Also look what the Doda Pickup is)


BAIC is into bigger things in South Africa - you must have heard of their ~800 million dollar investment in a new plant situated in Coega IDZ near Port Elizabeth. Planned to be a full-fledged manufacturing unit, passenger vehicles and bakkies will be made here from 2018-19. Construction is currently underway. (BAW has had an older but much smaller SKD factory in Springs, Ekurhuleni, making vans)

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