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We are digressing from the topic, but still:

GAC was the controlling shareholder of Hunan Changfeng Auto (or GAC Changfeng Auto) for a few years only. After the formation of the GAC-Mitsubishi JV in 2012, Changfeng Group, Hunan Changfeng Auto's previous owner bought back the company without the Changsha plant which was retained by GAC-Mitsubishi. Two other factories in Chuzhou (Anhui) and Yongzhou (Hunan) came back to the Changfeng Group, along with the Liebao brand. These factories are now placed under a subsidiary Anhui Liebao Auto. Anhui Liebao Auto's shares are held by a new entity Hunan Liebao Auto (as Hunan Changfeng Auto does not exist as a company anymore) of the Changfeng group. Yes, Hunan Provincial govt's. assets commission owns the Changfeng group.

See this for a good history article.
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