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Default BAW BJ212 New Chassis

Some new information has come to light regarding specifications of the New Chassis versions. 3-door and 4-door versions will be launched, seating 4 and 5 respectively. The new dimensions are 4245 x 1830 x 1910 mm (4-door)/1970 mm (3-door). This makes it longer than the current BJ212 although somewhat narrower. Wheelbase has increased to 2460 mm, i.e. +160 mm compared to the current model. Track is widened to 1530 mm front and rear. [Any specification mentioned previously on this thread regarding the New Chassis version may please be disregarded]

For the 4-door, the prototype body seen in post #65 will not be used; it will be closer to the model seen in post#75 but doors will be new. The vehicle(s) will be powered by the 1499 cc, 110 kW turbocharged petrol engine (National VI-compliant) used in the current model (no info on diesel).

Update on the suspension/chassis: Front suspension (independent) is double wishbone, coil spring; rear suspension (non-independent) is four-link, coil spring.

Project 008: The New Chassis version of the BJ212 is part of BAW's Project (or Plan) 008. I don't know whether the all-new model shown as BAW 008 in 2017 has been canceled or not, but which if produced might have utilized this new chassis (or a modification thereof). Short- and long-wheelbase variants of this chassis are planned. Reportedly the new chassis is based on (or borrows from) that of the Kia KM420 military "jeep" [and related Kia Retona] which used to ride on a similar setup. Previously (see post#66) it was mentioned that the chassis was based on the BAW 007 but that could have been early speculation and can be ignored.

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