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Default etsong models

Hello Windy, in April 2005 the Etsong (or Yizhong in Chinese) website (I am still a junior member, according a strange rule I am not allowed to give you a website, but is something suddenly showed an update of the Lubao. In fact there were four cars shown on this website:
Lubao QE 6400/ CA 6400 UA (this is the picture you show)
Lubao CA 6410 UA (with a new front end, 22 cm longer)
Lande CA 6440 UA/ CA 1020 (the van with a facelift)
Lubao CA 7131 sedan and travelling car (the Montego sedan and estate. Only a photo of the estate was shown.)
Two months later the factory was sold to SGM-Wuling. But the website stayed on the net for the whole year. Now it seems to be closed. The website of the tobacco company itself (yes, Etsong is a tobacco company) had some cars on it before, but now not anymore (
The photo you show is from the website.
More about Etsong you can find on, follow the link Maestro/Montego, Maestro in China.
Greetings! Erik.
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