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Default Dongfeng Liuzhou product rationalization

Dongfeng Liuzhou's website shows that several models have been withdrawn and only relatively new models are present.

The Joyear S50, Joyear X3, New X5, F600/L, S500, SX6, CM7 and Lingzhi M5/L are featured only (Joyear X6 is coming next month). Models gone are: all the other Joyears (LV, XV, old X5) and older Lingzhis (V3, M3/L).

However, related online malls are still featuring the M3 and V3 Lingzhis with discount coupons and offers, and I believe there is enough inventory with dealers to last the rest of the year, since the Lingzhi is a popular van and has had many variants.

Looks like eventually the F600/L will take over the role of the older Lingzhis as these are phased out, and the M5L will remain the only 9-seat van in the range as the CM7, despite its length, does not have a 9-seat variant.
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