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Default Haima Xiaopeng Smart Factory inaugurated

Haima Xiaopeng Smart Factory was inaugurated today. Although Haima had been making the Identy X until some time ago and started to build pilot batches of the G3 thereafter, officially the new line opened today in order to begin G3 deliveries from December 12th. Haima Xiaopeng Smart Factory is situated in Zhengzhou ETDZ, Henan, where modern automated welding, painting, and assembly shops have been established. It has a capacity of 150,000 vehicles p.a. (besides, Xiaopeng's own plant in Zhaoqing, Guangdong, is currently under construction).

Haima Automobile Group Co., Ltd. based in Haikou, Hainan, is a Shenzhen SE-listed company ultimately controlled by Mr. Jing Zhu's Haima Investment Group Co., Ltd.

Haima Automobile Group Co., Ltd. has three vehicle-making ventures:

FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. formed 2004), which owns the Jinpan Industrial Zone manufacturing base (Haima Industrial Park) in Longhua dt., Haikou, is now a 51:49 JV between Haima Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and China First Automobile Co., Ltd. (FAW's investment arm). Note that FAW's share is 49%. As we know, this was the original (1988) Hainan (-Mazda) site but has been greatly expanded since.

Haima Automobile Group Co., Ltd. acquired and reorganized the Zhengzhou Light Vehicle Factory (estd. 1980) in 2007, renaming it as Haima Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. This company owns the relatively smaller factory on Dongfeng Road in Zhongmu County of Zhengzhou. This is now designated as an NEV factory. In December 2017, Haima Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. was renamed once more to Haima New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and its ownership transferred to Haima Car Co., Ltd. (see below).

Haima Car Co., Ltd. is the third venture of the holding company Haima Automobile Group Co., Ltd. This was set up in 2007 to oversee the construction and management of Haima's greenfield industrial cluster in Guancheng dt., Zhengzhou ETDZ, about 36-37 km west of the Zhongmu County factory. Its first phase was completed by December 2009. This new complex (Haima Car Industrial Park) now functions as the main base of Haima's operations in Zhengzhou. Haima Car Co., Ltd. has no FAW involvement. Haima New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., as mentioned in the preceding para, is its 100% subsidiary.

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