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Default Tianjin MeiYa pickup

Tianjin MeiYa are not a big name car manufacturer, in fact looking over their car sales it seems that they sold just two SUV’s in January, which doesn’t come as a major surprise. What could be considered a surprise is their addition of a Range Rover grill to their new pick up truck (left). Looking over their website, they even call the truck the ‘Zhi Hi’ (Wise Tiger) which is not too far from Land Rover’s own ‘Lu Hu’ (Land Tiger) Chinese name.

Under the hood the Range Rover Truck carries a four cylinder gasoline 2.2L engine from Great Wall which in all likelihood won’t sound nearly as glorious as the V8 engines in real RR’s, but the good news is that this truck is likely to be in the 80,000rmb range which is rather more affordable, plus you don’t have to cut the roof off a real Range Rover.

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