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Please do warn EVERYONE in the Auto Industry .
If you are planning on importing any electric vehicles from China DO NOT go anywhere near this firm ;

Green Auto Industry Co., Ltd.

Owned by one Mr Shang

Sales Manager;James

Green Auto Industry Co., Ltd.
[email protected]

Address; Canal economic development zone ,Wucheng,Dezhou,Shandong.

The company are a scam they insist on deposit or in our case 100% payment for first sample shipment via their associates 'export company " then they advise this company has closed down and disappeared and you will be asked to pay again ..... we now have evidence this is NOT true and even if it were they totally refuse to accept any responsibility even though they admitted to receiving at least 50% of the full payment .

Take this warning seriously and please do NOT hesitate to contact us for full details of how they will scam you .
A report is now in court and with Shandong police as we are filing a criminal case against this firm .
With so many decent and honest factories do not risk dealing with this disgraceful , thieving firm .

please forward to everyone you know in the industry ....
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