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I'm in the United States, I'm half chinese (quarter german, quarter scots-irish)... my mom escaped from China in 1951. Her father was a businessman and when the communists took over they stole all of the family money, and tried to kill him. He barely got out alive. My mother's uncle stayed in china and was arrested and taken away from his family (a wife and two young daughters) in the middle of the night by the government for speaking out against communism and was never seen again (killed?). I hope china has changed... I still hear a lot of things about human rights abuses coming out of china, and the tiananmen square slaughter wasn't that long ago.

I'm apprehensive about Chinese cars coming to America. If the quality and safety improves they have potential as being decent cars, but to be fair, even the first entries of both Japan and Korea into the US car market were for their time, vastly better than current Chinese models. Still, I'm sticking with my BMW's. Safety is only the first hurdle.. if Chinese cars can be safe, the next question is, can they be reliable? Can they handle well? Can they be comfortable and classy? Can they exude a brand image of quality? Will they preform well? I guess that remains to be seen.

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