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Originally Posted by Vladimir-S
1) It's very interesting to know about QUALITY of Great Wall Motors pickups and SUVs! Especially from chinese people who can use them in their motherland. Do you like them? Do you use them?
2) What is really better Great Wall trucks (SUV) or ZX Auto Admirals?
3) What can you say about RUST protection on these trucks?
4) Do you know any common problems with these trucks (for example: engine, rust, ...)
5) Crash tests!!! Any PHOTOs of crash accidents are highly wellcome!!!

Your information wil be very usefull for all russian owners of Great Wall cars! I'll post it in Russian forums!

If you can tell much information - please tell it!
Any opinions are wellcome.
Hello Vladimir-S,

Here are some pictures of the GWM Vargas achiving Euro NCAP 4 standard (not an official NCAP test though):

More pictures here:

GWM have a forum where they answer quetions here:

And Great Wall General Manager Wang Feng Ying (Yes-a female in charge of the company) recently answered a load of questions online, you can watch here:
and some pictures:

OK -I don't expect you will understand the text or interview but thought I would post it for those that can and maybe they will post up anything relevant which they find. Its good to see a company that takes an interest in its customers.
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