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2) What is really better Great Wall trucks (SUV) or ZX Auto Admirals?

It's hard to tell but most people would prefer GW to ZX. Frankly speaking, ZX is a brand that not a lot of people know, GW isn't a house-hold name neither but it's getting better and better. My mother has a colleague who owns a GW deer for at least 5 years and he seems to be quite satisfied with this truck today although he had little trust in this brand when he was making his decision to buy it. The only thing that attracted him at the moment was its low price. However, I think GW today is doing a good job and will hopefully grow into a important competitor in the auto market. Personally I hope so.

As to ZhongXing, I don't really know much about it so I can't provide much information.

In fact, most pick-up makers in China are located in Hebei Province like GW, ZX.....I can name quite a few! As they are from the same place, more importantly as they offered at beginning almost the same makes and none of them had a reputable brand, so for a while, I just called them ''Hebei carmakers'' for short.

As one thing in common, all these manufacturers began their business with small capital and with little help from government which differ from such state owned companies as FAW and SAIC. Today, Some of them survived while most of them disppeared after 2 or 3 years's struggle in the business. Amongst all these makers, GW has got the best brand recognition and is without doubt the leader while all the others seem to have little difference to most Chinese. ZX may be better but still NOT as good as GW, that's sure!

XinKai is a very good exemple of those small ''Hebei carmakers'' on which people have little impression. I've just heard about it maybe once so I was quite surprised to learn it was exporting vehicles to Russia while I wasn's surprised at all that the Russian importer stopped the contract because of its poor quality. All these ''Hebei carmakers'' eager to export their cars coz they are trying all possibilities to survive in the competition. On the other hand, only such competition could make a company strong, that's also why I think GW has a big potentiel to succeed.

Nice to meet you Vladimir! I'm very glad to share my opinions of Chinese cars with you. You know I was so so surprised when I happened to see a Chinese car last time when I was in Sheremetyevo.

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