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Firefox, thanks for the really great post!

Originally Posted by firefox
My mother has a colleague who owns a GW deer for at least 5 years and he seems to be quite satisfied with this truck today although he had little trust in this brand when he was making his decision to buy it. The only thing that attracted him at the moment was its low price.
This case is very close to my case too. In our family we decide to buy a good NEW FOREIGH car for the first time. And spend large amount of money. For the 1st time we decided to buy FordFocus sedan, but my father (the user of new car) was very impressed of an advertisment of LARGE "cheap" car. It's kind of dreams comes true!!!
So we went to see Great Wall in auto-shop. But we did't like it for after 1st visit - quality wasn't good (shortly - car looked like used, not new). But for the 2nd visit (after 2 months) in another auto-shop we saw Great Wall - and it was relly ANOTHER car! "Shining" with not any defects!

Today our GW truck is about 7-month old and has run 30000km. Everything is very good - not any breakdowns at all (only very very insignificant).

We didn't buy ZX Admiral because it was more expensive, haven't got body (truck) cover (+600...2500$), and have some bad feedbacks in internet forums. And now ZX users have problems with spare parts, they are rare!

So I see that our decision was absolutly right!

Originally Posted by firefox
Nice to meet you Vladimir! I'm very glad to share my opinions of Chinese cars with you. You know I was so so surprised when I happened to see a Chinese car last time when I was in Sheremetyevo.
Thanks! For me it's really nice to meet you too! I live in the nothern part of Moscow and my parents live near Sheremetyevo. They can almost see this airport from their balcony. Now there are more and more chinese cars in Moscow. I see 1 or 2 everyday!

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