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Anyone knows if THIS is the car coming to the US in 08? If not, which one?

(Please NOT the one shown in Detroit...)

I can totally see this car succeed if this is the one coming to the US.

Geely, if you're listening, equip it with the following, standard:

- Side curtain airbags, front and side airbags (total of 6 airbags), 4 wheel disc ABS (to address the #1 concern when people buy cars, SAFETY)

- 10 year warranty on powertrain, 5 year bumper to bumper, 3 year free full maintenance, 10 year free oil change, 5 year free road side assitance (to address the #2 concern, quality/reliability)

- Comfort and conveniences can be optional. People like to have them, but they're not a "concern" per se.

Now keep that starting price under 10K and you have a true winner!!! With gas prices these days, I'd buy one in a heartbeat to commute and run errands.
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