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NAC MG planning whole new MG5?

Previously, NAC MG were planning to produce the MGZS as the MG5, the MGZS is essentially a Rover 45 body with a sports engine and interior but the age and design of the ZS has come into question at NAC MG. The Rover 45 was launched in 1999, and is clearly showing its age in 2008, the only solution for NAC MG was to scrap plans to produce the MG5.

The Chinese press have reported for some time that the Roewe 550 will be rebranded as the MG6, leaving the MG5 moniker empty. The Chinese automotive press reported yesterday that NAC MG are working on a 1.5 Turbo motor which will be put into the MG5. The MG5 is reportedly being reworked from the ground up, including a new platform.

NAC MG and SAIC reportedly have quite the portfolio of engines now they have merged together, they have engines ranging from 1.1 to 2.5l and are capable of producing 250,000 engines per year, this year NAC MG are investing in new engine lines to produce small displacement engines and expects to have the capacity to produce 300,000 engines per year. NAC MG are working hard on researching 1.5 and 1.6 Turbo engines which would fit into the future MG5.

An MG spokesman, Mr. Huang Ke Ji, was quoted as saying ‘We believe the MG5 platform from Rover [The MGZS] is too old fashioned to be launched into the modern 2008 market, thus we have begun to design and develop a new platform on which to build the MG5′

MG wont be the only company producing small displacement turbos this year, JAC are reportedly working on a 1.3T, Great Wall have a 1.5T up their sleeves, and Fiat will bring their Linea to China with a 1.4T later this year.

The MG3 SW is reportedly going on the market in May 2008, after being delayed, and the MG7 Automatic will be on the market in the last quarter of the year.
source: China Car Times
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