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hi everybody, I'm Enrico from Udine Italy, i live near the Slovenian border.

China Cars and GWM in particular are my passion: after 1 long year of reflection, last week i booked my GWM 4x4 super luxury with a special Sport Pack. This sport pack is quite different with the one shown in the photo of our friend from Slovenija.

Probably this week i will get my Hover. Anyway I've still many questions about gwm, and unfortunately italian press is not correct because of the influence of fiat.

I hope Micodelija can help about some questions. The first in that GWM Hover is sold only for 4 passenger and not five because omologated as 'autocarro' (pick up). Someone says that this is because GWM has not passed safety test. Is it real?

Another question for Micodelija: are you a dealer of GWM or you are the official importer as Eurasia in Italy? Thanks a lot also for you wonderful work on you tube.
Thanks a lot for this wonderful forum.
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