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Originally Posted by Enrico
hi everybody, I'm Enrico from Udine Italy, i live near the Slovenian border.

China Cars and GWM in particular are my passion: after 1 long year of reflection, last week i booked my GWM 4x4 super luxury with a special Sport Pack. This sport pack is quite different with the one shown in the photo of our friend from Slovenija.

Probably this week i will get my Hover. Anyway I've still many questions about gwm, and unfortunately italian press is not correct because of the influence of fiat.

I hope Micodelija can help about some questions. The first in that GWM Hover is sold only for 4 passenger and not five because omologated as 'autocarro' (pick up). Someone says that this is because GWM has not passed safety test. Is it real?

Another question for Micodelija: are you a dealer of GWM or you are the official importer as Eurasia in Italy? Thanks a lot also for you wonderful work on you tube
Thanks a lot for this wonderful forum.
hello enrico, thank you that you have logged here, i hope that you will have great time with us

i am official importer for Croatia, we work diretcly with GWM because, people from Eurasia are our good friends, we usually talk and share our expiricances with the vehicles, for now we didn't have any bigger problems and I can say all best for them, they are very proffesional

for that what you ask, hover is 100% safe car, the press usually write that what you pay that so I don't trust them very much,I don't have any big contact with press, my policy is...give the car to the customers and let they jugde them, you can see also on my youtube site all videos from crash test,also couple of my friends and me also have some accident with hover and nobody have any bigger injuries,you can see also on those photos up...nobody is hurt from that accident, what more do you need to see that car is safe? hover is homolgated as autocarro because those engies 4g64 are euro 3 standard with OBD, in croatia is also homologated as N1 vehicle, but we solve homologation for 5 person, here also nobody take care for it, one time I drive 7 person in hover ,most important that engine is good, i have 85000 km with problems, also on LPG

there was some problems with safety,but not for driver, for other persons in traffic, if you hit a person on the road, it's called pedesetriran test, but if you hit somebody with that car on the road what that person can expect??? Hover have 1900 kg and he must be happy if he is alive
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