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Default Re: Anyone had any problems ?

Originally Posted by wisamenergy
thank you dear ,

for your replay but we have no service station in my country ( i'm in iraq ) i wish to drive with high R.P.M and like to go over hels and mountens but the car can't go .

about the vibration it's in any speed slow or high but its apen in high R.P.M and i wont to know how to change the fuel pump couse i replaced all the spark pluges and fillters .

hhahaha...i am no dear

how you don't have service station in iraq? great wall export many units there, from 1998 year it started with pick up's i am sure that you have service station somewhere, there is also an importer on web site, so you can contact gwm to see who is it, i can check it for you

my suggestion is that you go to the JORDAN, it's very near and it's the most bigger great wall center in middle east:

jordan is near iraq, so you should somehow arrange a service there and do complete service of your vehicle there
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