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Sale of N3 prohibited in Beijing.

You may, or may not have heard that in 2008, Beijing will hold the Olympic games for the first time. One problem though - the pollution. Its been talked about, its been gossiped about, but most of all its been over exaggerated, a lot. Sure Beijing is dirty, but it aint that dirty that you have to keep your athletes in Seoul, Korea, (presumably the cleanest city, in the world) and fly them into Beijing as and when they are needed (we’re thinking of the USA team here, thanks for adding to the pollution, guys) Beijing has gotten tough on air pollution as of late, it banned a million cars from the roads, then it set up a system where cars with odd or even numbered license plates could enter the city on which day (we have no idea how the odd/even thing works) the central government even banned 444 different vehicles from being produced! One more Beijing city government has done is to enact a law stating that cars with less than level 3 emissions standards cannot be sold within the city limits, lots of trouble for Xia Li then. There best selling mini car, the N3, doesnt meet Chinese level 3 emissions levels, (it probably doesn’t meet any level), so Tianjin Xia Li have quietly pulled it from the market in Beijing.
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