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Default So many motorsports event in China..

Yeah...I raced car for 10 years and been 10 year not racing too.

Started in USA as Formula Ford, and race most in Korea for touring cars from one make to Gr. A and last Formula F4 popular in Japan and Korea.

Been working as organizer for F3 in Korea and event organizer for many competitions in Korea. Last F3 race for Jenson Button prior move to F1, he raced in Korea. Jacky Chen was there for VIP, but I miss meeting him due to accident call at the track. I was escorting F1/F3 doctor at that time for translator...

Still, China motorsports grew much bigger and faster than Korea for last 10 years despite Korea is 5th major car manufacturer.

I never went to China myself, but I do hope to see many competition especially F1 and may want to drive lapping session at well known tracks.

Cars been with me for 29 years ever since I drove my first car at age can add up my age. I still maintain my Int'l C competition license by having health check up every year that req. by KARA sanction body of FIA in Korea. Still have racing team, but not very active.

If opportunity takes, I still like to be in action myself. Many of my colleagues who start racing with me are team owners, team managers still in action in Korea.

Don't want to be full competition racer (don't think I can keep up..), I like to have fun and may have to try for silver race. Ferrari Challenge will be nice~

I'll post some links after my 10 posts..
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