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Originally Posted by gr8
well apparently no, everyone knows jaguar is better than the ford focus and land rover is better than ford freestyle and cadillac cts is better than the sunfire in every way. well apparently ford, volvo, and jaguar is the same company, and everyone knows cadillac and pontiac is both GM.
Same company, but different designers and engineers, and different priorities. Each of those companies has the resources to develop and build excellent cars. It's not purely a budget matter either, you can't just throw money at your engineers and designers and automatically have something good pop out. And I'm not just talking about expensive stuff like Range Rovers and Cadillacs, the Focus (particularly the new one) for instance is a genuinely good car. Chinese car companies may (or may not) have the budget, but do they have the technical capability or experience to build competitive cars? This is an especially interesting question at the price point at which they'll be entering the market.
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