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Europa RCR to be made in China as of August.

The current Europecostar RCR (thats racer) is a CKD import from Malaysia’s Proton, these kits are then assembled in China and sold to Chinese consumers. Europestar sales are currently very low, around 30 cars a month, according to a previous article we posted, but Youngman appear to be aiming for sales of 30,000 vehicles in the first year. Youngman appear to be working hard to establish a brand using limited funds and ability. Hopefuly the Europestar brand will be able to increase their dealer networks, and product line ups over the coming months.

The Europestar RCR will be domestically made in China from August onwards, which will also see the Europestar brand increased to several models rather than the rather loneley looking RCR. Future models include MPVs and SUVs ranging from 1.6l to 3.0l displament.
Youngman will start to locally build Lotus RCR in August this year, Chairman of China's Youngman Automobile Group said on Monday.

This is the first time ever the Lotus brand car has been built in China, said Pang Qingnian, adding that the first batch of imported RCR race cars have already been sold now.

Pang said the automaker is in no rush to develop an own brand car as long as it owns the right to use it.

Lotus RCR was jointly launched by Chinese automaker Youngman and United Kingdom automaker Lotus in China in January. It is powered by a 1.6 Liter Campro engine. Its maximum output is 112 hp/6000 rpm and its maximum torque is 149 Nm/4000.

The automaker said it plans to sell 30,000 units of RCRs this year. In the next few years the automaker will launch 8 Lotus models with an engine size of between 1.6 litres and 3.0 litres, including the sport car, sedan, SVU and MPV.
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