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Originally Posted by erik (laofan), cmvdc View Post
This is just a rebadged JAC IEV7S. I cannot imagine that this is the result of a new fruitful cooperation.
I disagree too some extent with this statement, yes its basically a redesigned interior and exterior, here is the but, Volkswagen has had input in the redesign which I guess would also carry over to the factory tooling etc.

From what others have written or I have read/seen VW wanted SEAT to be JAC's partner but the Chinese government said No. Seeing as this is a New Energy Vehicle I take it Volkswagen, was only allowed a New Energy Vehicle passenger brand only.

Originally Posted by dmitra View Post
Echoing Erik's viewpoint, I fail to see the point of the SOL E20X. If all you have to do is replicate a local car that is already selling in the market, why go for a joint venture with a foreign company if you do not get access to that foreign company's superior product or tech? If JAC wanted to sell a slightly revised IEV6S/IEV7S, it could have done so by its own means -- why need VW? On the other side, it is not like VW was in dire straits in China and desperately needed a hot-selling model in its lineup to shore up revenues and profits; the VAG group sold 4 million cars in China last year, and the iEV7S (or even the Refine S2 for that matter) is hardly among bestsellers. It is also not like JAC did not have a clue about electric vehicles and VW was generously handing down some wondrous fairy-land "electric mobility" tech down to its new partner.

I guess only future SOL models will tell where this partnership is going.
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles & JAC have signed a MoU so perhaps some Commercial Vehicle models may make production in the near future?

From my experience with JAC from Auto China 2017, they still need more technical advice in final quality control. My associate and I looked at a JAC SUV at the show that was painted red and it had two shades of red on the display car at an International event. This would not work outside (Western Europe/USA/Australia) of China if they wanted to go global.

The JAC man that was at the show on the other hand was very friendly and excited for the VW partnership. The model line is interesting too lots of EVs.

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