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Default Chinese cars made in Iran (as of 01-15)

Originally Posted by dmitra View Post
As a follow-up to the post regarding the introduction of the local version Zotye Z300 (SAIPA S300 "Ario") in Iran, here is a list of cars of Chinese origin manufactured or assembled in the country, as of January 2014 (some have been previously discussed in this forum):

1. Rayen Khodro (Kerman group):

Great Wall Voleex C30

2. Modiran Vehicle Manufacturing Company (Kerman group):

110 (Chery QQ3)
530 (A5/Cowin 3)
X33 (Tiggo T11)
315 (Fulwin 2 sedan)
315H (Fulwin 2 hatch)

3. Kerman Khodro:

Lifan 620
Lifan X60
JAC J3 (Heyue A13)
JAC J5 (Heyue)

4. Bahman Group:

Asa B50 (Besturn B50)

5. Morattab Khodro:

Gonow G5 4x2

As of January 2015, the following Chinese-origin cars have been added to assembly lines in Iran (apart from S300 Ario):

MVM 550 (Chery E5)
JAC S5 (JAC Refine S5)
Asa B50 F (Besturn B50 facelift)
ZXAuto Landmark (made by Bahman Group; interestingly, more Landmarks have been made in Iran than in China over the last year)

Asa B50 (pre-facelift) and JAC J3 have departed.

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