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Scroll way down to "MG Motors North America: Ardmore Plant":

Maybe they are getting that land for free or nearly free considering the tax breaks? There is a GM plant up the road that is supposedly "closed". Though I still see them loading rail cars with new Trailblazers..

Maybe that plant is too big or too old that it couldn't be used instead of building a brand new plant?

The GM plant is at a much better location then where the Chinese plan on building there plant at.

The plant is at the crossroads of I-35 and I-40. It has a huge rail yard behind it and excellent rail access already built. It has a brand new paint shop because of a tornado and it also supposedly has an environmental feature:

Just seems to me that it would be cheaper and a better, quicker deal to go ahead and use that plant that is already built then build a brand new one in a small town way down south.
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