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Default RunPard (Lanbao) brand controversy

Subsequent to the media exposure about the RunPard brand, other articles have appeared speculating on the origins of the brand. In an interesting turn of events, GAC has denied any association with the new brand, implying that RunPard was a brand registered by and belonging to Zhongxing Auto only. When reporters, who had apparently gotten hold of "official" publicity material, confronted PR at GAC-ZXAuto (the 60-40 partnership), it was communicated to them that RunPard was actually a brand of Zhongxing but that the investment, technological input, and production related to RunPard would be centered on GAC-ZXAuto in Yichang. Armed with this info, reporters tried to confirm the same with GAC, but GAC reiterated that neither GAC nor GAC-ZXAuto had anything to do with RunPard. (3 pages)

A lot of other similar articles exist.

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