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I had referred to an article in my post of 06-07-2017 which mentioned the plant's renovation being undertaken by GAC.

In January of 2018, GAC formally announced the "technical transformation" project for the plant. Capacity is being increased to 200,000 units p.a. and it should be ready to restart operations by June 2019. It is now known as Guangzhou Automobile Group Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd. Yichang Branch (profile).


Production of all SUVs (Landmark/Grand Tiger SUV, C3, GX3) ceased in August 2016. Some of the final C3/GX3s may have been assembled in Baoding instead of Yichang. An electric version of the GX3 was shown a few months later but that was it. Even NDRC has revoked type-approvals for every ZX Auto SUV.


This year, up to September, about 23,000-25,000 pickups have been produced and delivered. This would include exports too.

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