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Happy New Year, CCF followers!
I made a suggestion previously for a new category called: "Alternate Fuel Vehicles". That was a mistake... in the context of today's China's auto industry development. I should have made the suggestion to bring the trailblazer start-ups to the fore. That is, companies like NIO, Byton, Xpeng, Tesla, Bordrin, WM Motors, etc..
Now when visitors to this website stop by, they only see the established makers of mostly ICE vehicles, albeit their rapid change as well. Sadly, if they want to see what's happening among the vanguard NEV leaders, they must dig into the depths of the many pages of that one isolated category I mentioned above.
Instead we need for the " Alternate Fuel Vehicles" category to be replaced by a main category, perhaps entitled: "NEVs, ICVs, and autonomous vehicles". And then the sub categories of that, by individual manufacturer name.
Furthermore, photos of those leaders latest models would really give this website a boost.
And so I hope this post will elicit some responses with opinions and other suggestions.
In any case, I do appreciate the efforts of the current moderators, and hope that Vertical Scope will decide to breathe some new life into this website, before it fades away.
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