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Thanks stilo.

Unfortunately the truth is there is not much happening at forum lately. There are not not many active members right now. If you scroll down and check current active members you will find out that most of them are bots.

It seems people from English speaking countries are not really in Chinese car industry. Chinese cars are not present in Europe and USA at the moment (at least in large scale that is). Maybe in few years when Chinese companies expand to foreign markets the situation will change to better.

Mamy members are also turned away because they don't get answers to the questions they are looking for. And why don't they geat answers? Because specifications of China-made cars are still published only on Chinese Internet sites without English translation. And also CCF can't attract many owners of Chinese cars to help newbies.

Without new members who would publish interesting news we can't expect to get more new members. Period.

When I signed in there were many more people here. We had some good contributors and interesting debates. But gradually most of them just vanished without explanation. Only a handful left (I will not mention their names, you will easily find them). I'm scared for the future of this forum...
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