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Default Re: Why is the response level so low on CCF?

You joined the CCF one year earlier than me, Martin. Back in 2008, the Forum was nearly dead in my eyes, whereas the situation within the last months got a bit better, but maybe that is just my impression.

I understand many of your concerns and the situation, as you describe it, seems to be a vicious circle. The most active users are either from central Europe - living within a distance of maybe 1500km - or from the states. We havenīt seen many cars on the road yet, correct, but isnīt that part of the attraction we have towards chinese cars?! Not looking at them makes them more intresting, at least to me. I see tons of VWs, BMWs, MBs on the streets every day and i am so bored that I donīt participate in any forum that deals with german cars.

I am also a bit scared about this forums future, but on the other hand, I have no real idea, how to change the current situation. Do you have any?
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