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Default Re: Why is the response level so low on CCF?

Maintaining a popular forum is a full time job. It takes a lot of attention, and even screening.

I have lost count of the number of times I have come here and found a list of spam ads from people trying to sell cameras, or other inept stuff. To a serious car enthusiast it's a real turn-off. People who are searching for some valuable facts or information about China's auto industry, don't have time to wade through unrelated nonsense.

And then you have the passers-by, that come and say no more than, "I really like those cool wheels." These kind of comments are a waste of time, and should be screened out. I wish they could be previewed on the forum homepage, so I wouldn't have to waste my time actually opening the thread.

Yes, I am all for screening but not for censoring.
There used to be some interesting discussions between some people quite knowledgeable of the workings of the auto industry. But because one individual insisted on using a very offensive user name, CCF came under heavy criticism, and finally censored all that person's postings. It's actually a shame that that happened. What I think would have been better would have been to censor the offensive name. Afterall most good forums pre-screen the user names, and so from the beginning CCF could have forced this "hater" to use a name that was acceptable. But to censor his offensive opinion was not good for the forum.

In any case, I think that when compared with others, CCF is a very attractive format and is user friendly. It definitely has a lot of potential. But to survive it has to be better managed.

What's more, China would do well to allow its people the freedom to see and participate in CCF. Afterall the criticism that does appear here is mostly constructive. And that's good for the industry which Beijing has classified it as a "pillar industry". Finally it can be a good teaching tool for young students.

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