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Default Re: NAVECO (Nanjing-Iveco)

Nanjing Iveco electric light bus put into use

March 18, 2009 - Nanjing Iveco's electric light bus has been eventually put into practical use after around a year's R&D endeavor. Since last week, ten of these new energy vehicles featured with zero-emission and pollution-free functions have been used as the State Grid's official service buses.

Noticeably, this is the first time for the domestic auto industry to realize the volume production and practical application of electric light buses, the Beijing News reported today.

As the first China-made light commercial vehicle facilitated with total electric-driven technology, the Iveco electric light bus looks almost the same as the brand's common model. The very key difference lies in the energy it uses - the traditional diesel is replaced by renewable, zero-emission and pollution-free electric power.

Next to its environmental advantage, the Iveco electric light bus outperforms common light buses in energy-efficiency as well. For every hundred kilometers' driving the vehicle consumes approximately 40 KWH electricity, which is only equal to five liters' fuel consumption required by an ordinary passenger bus. And after recharging, the Iveco electric light bus is powered to drive for a 220-kilometer trip.

Iveco 'Venice' minivan:

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